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Jeremy Vuolo Called Out For Mishandling ‘A Piece Of Church History’

On social media, Jeremy Vuolo shares many photos of himself and his family. The Counting On star is attending the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, California. So, sometimes he shares some of his religious wisdom with his followers on social media.

On Instagram recently, he posted a photo of himself holding a huge book. In the photo, he’s standing and admiring the large book in his hands. He reveals that it’s the first edition of the King James Version of the bible. He writes, “First edition, first issue, KJV 1611. Amazing to hold a piece of church history in my hands. It is one of only 200-500 extant copies of the original 2500 printed 🤯”

Naturally, this post from Jeremy got a lot of attention on social media, but it may not be for the reasons you think.

In the comments section of Jeremy’s post, fans are freaking out over the picture, because they think that Jeremy should be wearing gloves while holding such an important artifact.

In Jeremy’s caption, he makes it very clear that he knows the value of the artifact he’s holding. So, fans can’t figure out why he would skip such an important step.

Read fans’ comments on Jeremy Vuolo’s post

As mentioned, fans are seriously concerned about Jeremy’s lack of caution when handling the important artifact. Some are pointing out that it may not be Jeremy’s fault though. They think whoever let him hold the bible should have also made him put on gloves.

One fan had a lot to say about the matter and even called him out on faking it. The fan writes, “I am highly doubtful that anyone would be touching a first edition 410 year old book of any subject without gloves and extreme supervision of how it is handled. If this book is in fact the real deal, then you should be ashamed for your blatant disregard of respect for such an item, and so should the organization (or person) that is responsible for this EXTANT piece of history.”

At this point, Jeremy hasn’t responded to any of the criticism he’s received over the new photo. Since it was posted a couple of days ago, it doesn’t seem likely that he will weigh in at this point.

So, are you surprised to see Jeremy Vuolo mishandling the artifact? Do you agree with the fans who are calling him out on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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