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Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth Slammed For Leaving A Rifle Near 3-Year-Old

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Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her husband Austin Forsyth have been making headlines due to their alleged improper parenting. Apparently, the two were recently seen in a mall with their baby daughter Evelyn with not a mask in sight. Now, Joy-Anna and Austin are back at it again with their reckless acts. During Joy-Anna’s recent family vlog, fans noticed a rifle near their 3-year-old son Gideon. Critics screenshotted it and took Reddit to discuss Joy-Anna and Austin’s carelessness.

Counting On stars Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth Left A Rifle Near Gideon

On their YouTube channel, Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar shared a video of their family vlog. Earlier in the video, Joy-Anna shared a clip of Austin Forsyth and Gideon eating breakfast. However, critics quickly noticed a hunting rifle in the table near Gideon, which can be reached easily by the kid. Concerned fans screenshotted the clip and posted it on Reddit to slam the two. “Why the H*LL would you leave it on the table where children can get to it? Have they never heard of gun safety?” one critic said. Others even call Austin an “idiot” due to this recklessness. “Not shocked at the gun; they are avid hunters. Also not shocked at the lack of gun safety, because he is an idiot,” one critic commented.

Austin Forsyth Gideon YouTube
Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth YouTube Channel

Joy-Anna & Austin Slammed For Bringing Gideon In A Zipline Without A Helmet

Last month, Counting On stars Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth were slammed for bringing Gideon in a zipline without a helmet. In a social media post, Joy-Anna shared a clip of Austin ziplining while carrying Gideon, who’s not wearing a helmet. Critics also took Reddit to discuss what they just did. “No no nopity nope. This isn’t safe in any way. There are harnesses made for doubling up and this isn’t one of them,” one critic said. Another critic also said, “Austin is 100% a bully father who will force his sons to ‘man up.’ This is gross.” This wasn’t the first time the two got slammed for carelessness. At one point, fans called out the two for walking around a hotel lobby with no face masks.

Austin Forsyth Gideon Ziplining Reddit

Counting On stars Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth Bought A New RV

Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar revealed in her latest vlog that they bought a new RV. During the vlog, Joy-Anna and her family went to visit the RV they just bought. However, Joy-Anna was a bit disappointed in her first impression of the RV. According to her, the RV smells really bad when she first entered. However, she admits that she loves how good it looks. Later in the video, Joy-Anna shared a clip of Austin starting the RV. Joy-Anna said that it sounded good and it took Austin 3 hours of repairing it.

Joy Anna New RV YouTube
Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth YouTube

After that, Joy-Anna shared a clip of them leaving the parking lot with the RV. However, she revealed that the RV ended up breaking again during their way back home. The vlog ended with the family resting in the house after a long day. Joy-Anna also said that she’ll keep her fans update regarding the RV. Joy-Anna loves posting videos about their family. At one point, she shared several facts about herself including how she fell in love with Austin at the age of 13.

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