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Did Joy-Anna Duggar Dye Her Hair Darker To Rebel Against Family?

Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth seemingly showed off her new hair dye on social media. She appears to be rocking a darker hair color and fans think that there’s a meaning behind it. Apparently, Joy-Anna has been disobeying some of the Duggar family rules. One of which is letting her kids watch movies, which Jim Bob Duggar isn’t a fan of. He only allows them to watch Christian movies and other shows that feature modesty. Even though Joy-Anna didn’t actually confirm coloring her hair, fans started speculating that she was just trying to hide it as it’s strictly prohibited in the family.

Did Joy-Anna Duggar Dye Her Hair Darker?

In a social media post, Counting On star Joy-Anna shared a picture of herself and her husband Austin Forsyth. She captioned it with how their conversation went while taking the picture. According to Joy-Anna, Austin told her that he’ll close his eyes because it makes him look peaceful. Meanwhile, fans quickly noticed Joy-Anna’s darker hair and took the comments section to discuss if she had dyed her hair.

Austin Forsyth Joy Anna Duggar Counting On Instagram
Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram

Some fans think that she’s hiding it. They think it might be against the family rules, but it’s unclear if it actually is prohibited. “Well I think they believe it’s a sin for women to color their hair, which it’s not”, one fan commented. “In other pictures, it’s a light brown with blonde highlights. Now it’s a dark brown. She shouldn’t be lying. Cause that’s a real sin,” Another fan added. However, Joy-Anna later replied to some of the comments asking about her darker hair. One fan asked her, “Hair color or lighting?” Joy-Anna answered with, “It’s the lighting!” followed by a laughing emoticon.

Joy-Anna Has Been Rebelling From Strict Family

Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar has been rebelling from Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar’s strict rules. Aside from letting her kids watch TV and other modern shows, she also started wearing pants, which is against the family’s dress codes. She also gave birth in a hospital rather than planning a home birth, which is also against the family’s rules. Joy-Anna also revealed that she broke some of the courting rules with Austin. According to her, they once went out without a chaperone. They also did side hugs, which is also prohibited. Aside from that, Joy-Anna also revealed breaking the curfew once after talking for too long with Austin.

Joy Anna Duggar 1 Instagram
Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram

Counting On: Joy-Anna & Austin Slammed For Not Wearing Masks While Walking In A Hotel Lobby

Aside from breaking the family rules, Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar is also notorious for breaking the Covid-19 health and safety protocols. At one point, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth walked around a hotel lobby with no masks. Joy-Anna was also slammed after bringing her baby daughter Evelyn to a mall. Aside from that, Joy-Anna also faced criticisms after letting Evelyn sleep in a “dirty” airplane sit when she visited her friend in Tennessee.

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Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram

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