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’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Dos Santos Lima Slammed For ‘Fake Abs’

90 Day Fiance ex-star Larissa Dos Santos Lima is facing criticisms after sharing a clip of herself with what seems to be “fake abs.” Apparently, Larissa shared a clip of her gym outfit. However, fans noticed something strange in her body. It appears that she put makeup on her tummy to make it look like it has abs. Meanwhile, fans started slamming Larissa’s now-deleted clip on social media. She was also criticized for visiting a gym despite all the plastic surgeries she had.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima Slammed For Wearing Fake Abs

In a social media post, 90 Day Fiance ex-star Larissa Dos Santos Lima shared a clip of herself showing off her gym outfit. It looks like a normal clip of herself at first. However, fans started noticing something strange in her tummy. Apparently, Larissa seemingly put makeup on her tummy to make it look like she has abs. Fans quickly noticed the fake abs and downloaded the clip before she deletes it. Now, a fan posted the clip on social media and fans started swarming it with comments about Larissa’s fake abs. “Yeah it’s makeup on her abs”, one fan commented. “Painted on abs!!! Hilarious”, another fan added. Larissa has been in love with having plastic surgeries. Last year, she revealed that she’s planning to have butt implants and breast enhancements.

Larissa Lima Instagram
Larissa Lima Instagram

Larissa Criticized For Visiting A Gym While Having Too Many Plastic Surgeries

90 Day Fiance exstar Larissa Dos Santos Lima faced criticisms after visiting the gym despite all the plastic surgery she had. One critic said, “Plastic surgery is not gym time.” Another critic also said, “Why go to the gym if you get plastic surgery for everything you’re supposed to go to the gym to gain lmaoo.” Apparently, Larissa has spent over $72K on plastic surgeries last year. Meanwhile, she uses her new body to attract more subscribers to her adult-based social media account.

Larissa Lima Instagram
Larissa Lima Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Opened Up About The Status Of Her Kids In Brazil

In a YouTube post, 90 Day Fiance ex-star Larissa Dos Santos Lima opened up about the current situation of her kids in Brazil. According to Larissa, “My family, my father, and my mother, they take care of Luane.” Larissa also made it clear that she’s been sending money to her daughter. Larissa revealed way back in 2018 that she wants to open her own business to support her daughter. However, a lot of things happened throughout the years. One of which is her ambitious plastic surgeries, which dramatically changed her objectives in life. She also had two failed relationships in the U.S, forcing her to work on her own.

Larissa Lima Picture Instagram
Larissa Lima Instagram

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