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’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Perked, Puffed, and Gum-Less – Pic Of Cosmetic Procedure Outcomes

90 Day Fiance celeb Larissa Lima looks like she’s had quite a bit of cosmetic work done by tweaking more than just a few of her assets. It appears she’s had some areas tightened and others puffed up, all for the sake of beauty.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima Goes for the Gusto

It seems Larissa endured the use of a needle for injections to puff up those areas she wants bigger. She admits to having an addiction to plastic surgery. So, all of these procedures appear to come together to create a new look for the 90 Day Fiance star.

Vanity could be Larissa’s middle name as the Brazilian native seems to go hog wild over plastic surgery offerings in the US. It looks as though she’s had implants, injections, a nose job, and lifts.

She’s perked up in areas that didn’t show a sign of drooping. So maybe it’s about being proactive – just in case gravity gets the best of her.

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Fans believe surgeons have nipped and tucked this 90 Day Fiance alum to the point where Larissa doesn’t look that much like Larissa anymore. Both fans and critics point out the difference between the before and after Larissa Lima’s photos.

Larissa Lima – They Either Love Her or Hate Her

Larissa’s 90 Day Fiance fans have praised the Brazilian beauty online, then, of course, her 90 Day Fiance critics pick her apart. Through all of this Larissa successfully obtained one big coverup that you might not notice until you see her side by side. And – oh, yeah… she has to be cracking a smile to show this off.

90 Day Fiance Larissa Lima

While her face looks fuller, as well as her bust line, there’s one spot on Larissa that’s not so much sculpted but draped. Since the first day Larissa first showed up in the US, she had a contagious smile.

From the moment Colt Johnson gazed into her eyes at the Vegas airport she grinned from ear-to-ear.Β  Even without an offering of flowers, she smiled. Then as he whisked Larissa away to her new home she showed those pearly whites in the car to the 90 Day Fiance camera.

90 Day Fiance: Lip Drape Covers Up the Gums

But with Larissa, more came with that smile than a mouth full of teeth. She is one of those people who smile so broadly that a good portion of her gums become exposed. One might say that her smile was very gummy at one time.

Today it looks like she took care of that. Now when Larissa smiles all you see are her gleaming white teeth. It seems a doctor managed to puff out her upper lip just enough so it drapes down over her gums.

So, it appears some astute plastic surgeon found just the right balance between her lips bulging too much, yet enough to cover-up those gums. So, how do you think Larissa Lima looks today compared to first stepping off that plane to join in with 90 Day Fiance on American soil?

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