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Don’t Expect To See The Clydesdale Horses – Or Other Fan Favorites – In Super Bowl LV Commericals

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Non-football fans who watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials are in for some disappointing news. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, several fan-favorite companies are skipping ads in the Big Game this year. 

Coronavirus Ends the Coke Vs. Pepsi Wars

Earlier this month, PepsiCo – parent company of the popular soft drink – revealed that they are benching themselves from Super Bowl commercials this year. The decision comes amid a global pandemic. 

For years, PepsiCo and its competitor, Coca-Cola, faced off with dueling commercials during the Super Bowl game. It seems that the coronavirus stomped both soft drinks. 

Shortly after PepsiCo’s announcement, Coca-Cola also bowed out of airing a commercial this year. According to Variety, the company will invest “in the right resources” instead. 

Not all is lost, though. While PepsiCo is opting not to air one of its famous Pepsi commercials – the Mountain Dew brand and Frito-Lay snacks will feature in Super Bowl commercials. 

Due to the pandemic, Coca-Cola laid off thousands of employees and stopped production on some of their beverages, including Tab. 

This Bud’s NOT For You This Year

The Pepsi vs. Coke wars are famously fought in the Super Bowl commercials. But there is another beverage giant that eclipses both of them in popularity AND creativity. 

In a word: Wasssup!

Anheuser-Busch, the company that is responsible for the “King of Beers” is sidelining the Budweiser brand this Super Bowl. 

In addition to catchphrases and the Budweiser frogs, the commercials also trotted out the beloved Clydesdale horses for TV spots. In some of the ads, the majestic horses pull a ‘beer wagon.’

While the commercials usually trend toward the funny or cutesy, after 9/11, the horses made the trek cross-country to New YorK City to pay their respects. 

While Super Bowl viewers won’t see any classic Budweiser commercials, several other Anheuser-Busch brands will feature. Bud Light and Michelob brands will get a few spots. 

Ads for the 2021 Super Bowl are going for 5 million a pop, per another Variety report.

But not all is lost – the Budweiser brand will release a 90-second ad on social media encouraging Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine. Rashida Jones will narrate the PSA. 

National Anthem, Halftime Show Still On For Super Bowl LV

Some parts of the Super Bowl will be normal. Or as normal as possible. The stadium may not be packed as usual, but the musical performers will have a small in-person audience to perform for. 

Frontline workers, and some fans, will have front row seats for the game, along with a Halftime Show featuring The Weeknd. But first, the Big Game will kick off with the national anthem sung by Eric Church and a surprising R&B singer. 

Are you disappointed that the Super Bowl commercials will be missing some staples?

The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa bay Buccaneers will face off in Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February 7.

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