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[White] House Rules For First Dogs Champ & Major Biden

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Most dog owners have rules that their dogs must follow when in the house. Yes, even First Dogs Champ and Major Biden. Both dogs are German Shepherds, an extremely intelligent breed with a high energy level that can sometimes get them in trouble. 

Major & Champ Biden’s White House Rules

The White House is full of both expensive and historical items. Items that can come crashing down with a stray wag of a tail. Major and Champ Biden are large dogs, but it turns out they are also well-trained.

In a feature article with People magazine about taking office, President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden talk dogs. Dog lovers around the country are happy that dogs (and a cat eventually) are back in the White House again. There are social media accounts dedicated just to the First Dogs of The United States (aka DOTUS.) 

When it comes to house rules, Champ and Major Biden have almost free reign. President Biden reveals that the FLOTUS has just one rule for the four-legged family members – no dogs on the furniture. But his granddaughters play fast and loose with that rule. 

Sneaky pup Major “jumps up on the bed with them.” 

Credit: Dr. Jill Biden/Instagram
Credit: Dr. Jill Biden/Instagram

Major is still young, estimated to be around a year-and-a-half-old. The Bidens adopted him as a pup from a shelter in 2018. Champ Biden is a little less rambunctious at 14-years-old. 

The Bidens note that Champ was trained by the “Canine Corps.”

Eisenhower’s Weimaraner Kicked Out of White House For Bad Behavior 

Major and Champ Biden seem like well-behaved pups. But what happens when a First Dog misbehaves in the White House? 

During Eisenhower’s term as the 34th President, he had a First Dog. However, Heidi the Weimaraner didn’t last Eisenhower’s full eight years in the White House. What did she do to get sent to the farm – literally? 

Reports vary on what, exactly, the Weim did to get herself booted from the White House. Some say she broke an expensive vase. Other accounts point to a potty accident on an expensive rug. 

But fear not – Heidi was much-loved by Eisenhowers. After her failed stint in the White House, she lived out her life on their farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. So far, Heidi has the distinction of being the only First Dog banned from the White House. Could Major and Champ Biden give her a run for her money? 

Champ and Major Biden To Make Puppy Bowl Appearance

The First Dogs of the United States are more than just pets. Champ and Major Biden are taking an active role in the Biden administration. They will join Dr. Jill Biden for a message to all Americans during the Puppy Bowl XVII. 

The message will encourage people to wear masks. If you miss their appearance on the Puppy Bowl, you can watch their message below. 

The Puppy Bowl airs Sunday, February 7th at 2 p.m. EST on Animal Planet. It will also stream on discovery+. 

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