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Did Bailey Sarian Disappear From YouTube? Fans Grow Concerned

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Fans adore Bailey Sarian for her “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Monday” series on YouTube. But Bailey hasn’t posted in several weeks now, so what’s going on? We have some clues.

Bailey Sarian Has Been Missing From The Platform For Nearly A Month

Bailey posted her last video on Saturday, December 19, 2020, as part of her Saturday video series. In Saturday videos, Bailey discusses makeup and whatever is going on in her life at that time.

In the December 19 video, Bailey describes how she’d been battling depression and it had interfered with her posting schedule. While she had been regularly producing “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Monday” videos, she neglected Saturday videos for several months.

“So sorry I disappeared on you guys for a little bit. It totally was not supposed to be as long as it turned out to be. You see, what happened was… I was just depressed,” the YouTuber updated fans. Bailey went on to discuss how the pandemic really impacted her and put her in a really “negative mindset” that she couldn’t seem to shake. Breaks are good for her mental health and she feels that she puts out better content when she’s in a healthier headspace.

Fans know that Bailey Sarian’s channel quickly rose to stardom. But as any YouTuber knows, more subscribers and views also mean more negative people. Bailey says she’s thankful for the majority of her fans who are kind and caring, but some of the more negative comments have been affecting her mental health and that was another reason she decided to step away for a time.

You can check out her most recent video here:

Despite Her Absence, The Quirky YouTuber Seems To Be Doing Quite Well

Shortly after the December 19 video went up, Bailey also posted a video in her YouTube stories. She described how she originally planned to take the first few weeks of January off to stockpile content but wasn’t sure exactly what that break might look like since she already missed so many weeks.

Although many fans are concerned, Bailey is alive and seems to be doing well. Even though she hasn’t been active on YouTube in almost a month, she still posts on Instagram and Twitter.

Recently, she and her husband have been biking and enjoying the fresh air and Californian scenery.

Bailey Sarian
Instagram / Bailey Sarian

For now, fans can’t be entirely sure what Bailey Sarian is up to. She may be taking an extended mental health break to refresh and charge, or she could be filming many videos so there will be plenty of content in upcoming weeks. Either way, her fans really miss her and can’t wait for her next video.

Do you prefer “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Monday” or do you prefer Bailey’s Saturday videos? Leave your opinions in the comments. We always want to know what you think!

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  1. I miss the murder & makeup videos also I miss how she interacts with the viewers. For those people that mean get a life she decided to make these vidoes if u don’t like don’t watch just that simple. Baily I think u r great. Keep coming back we love u. Hope u feel better about your self. See u soon

  2. I honestly just miss you period. I recently had a liver and kidney transplant. I was working as a cosmo.. prior. Due to my sickness I also fell and destroyed my right leg. Just had surgery on it, leaving me unable to continue with hair. Thinking about switching to make up. I have been watching all of your videos. You’re quite charismatic and undeniably talented. I would love some advice from you, or for you to take a chance on me. Hope to see you back here soon..but very glad to hear you and your hubby are enjoying eachother 😊

  3. Miss you! Miss you! Miss you! Discovered you a few weeks ago and really love what you do on MMM! I binge watched you for several days and all of a sudden you were gone! Just bypass the negative Nellie’s! They are NOT worth your time. I’m a 68 year old woman and think what you’re doing is great! Those negative people are probably miserable and extremely unhappy with their lives so they’re trying to make you feel bad. Ignore them. Please come back! Miss you!

  4. I miss both you are an amazing story teller and with makeup mental health is real good for you tov have taken care of that mental health is important I’m fighting that demon take care sweetie and God bless

  5. Hi Bailey. Despite your absence of your Monday videos, I’m grateful for your Thursday videos. You’re a rockstar 🎸💄📚

  6. I love all of your shows Bailey and I miss you a lot .Hope you’re doing fine and can’t wait to hear from you again.💞💜

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