Myledis Aldana killed Barn Owl

Mileydis Aldana, Colombian ‘Owl Killer’ Murdered

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Mileydis Aldana dubbed the “Owl Killer” died after a drive-by shooting in Colombia. It came months after she posted a sickening video on social media. Murdered in a drive-by shooting, animal activists might feel that karma came her way after she cut off a live Barn Owl’s head and boasted about it.

Mileydis Aldana died in Corozal, Sucre state this weekend

A form of animal Charles Manson, people across the world reeled in horror at the vicious attack on the owl. It raced around the internet about six months ago. And, as you can imagine, she picked up a lot of hate for it. After that, she apparently faced charges of animal abuse. Now she died however, it’s not clear that the incident resulted in her death. The 21-year-old reportedly racked up a string of other alleged crimes involving the manufacture and sale of illegal drugs.

The Daily Mail UK reported that Mileydis Aldana died after “two men on a motorbike appeared outside her home in the Luis Carlos Galán neighborhood at around 5 pm.” They opened fire. shooting her multiple times and then fled the scene. Despite her family rushing her to the ER, she died. Meanwhile, Meaww reported that the “Owl Killer” apparently received death threats ahead of the murder.

Owl Killer death threats

After killing the owl, and close to the time of her assassination in Colombia, Mileydis claimed on Facebook that she received death threats. Actually, given the censorship of Facebook these days, it’s amazing she still, had an account. However, she never notified the authorities about it. Plus, she didn’t give full details on the threats. So, that doesn’t really help the investigation very much.

Most people simply can’t get their heads around the twisted minds of people like Mileydis Aldana. While many extreme acts happen on social media, torturing and mutilating a live owl revolts people. Plus, it raises the ire of animal lovers. Unthinkable to many in society, Psychology Today explains a little bit about it. Historically, children sometimes perpetrate this sort of thing. But they seemingly seldom turn into adult animal murders.

Myledis Aldana decapitates owl
Mydelis Aldana FB via Twitter

Animal mutilation in adults

Americans often describe people in their young 20s as children. But across much of the world, at 21 years old, they are considered adults. So, technically, Mileydis is an adult. Why would an adult do such a mindless act of cruelty? The website explains that research carried out by Dan Jones at the University of British Columbia assessed the sadism levels of people. Asked to crush bugs or place their hands in ice, seven percent of them opted to kill the bugs in a crusher. (The bugs were not harmed).

The research concluded that narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy also need sadism when it comes to extreme cruelty to animals. Of adults convicted for murder, about 35 percent abused animals as kids. It takes a rare mindset to do what the Owl Killer obviously enjoyed. Mileydis Aldana’s days of extreme animal cruelty ended. Was it inevitable? If you believe in karma, you might think it was.

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