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Will The Real ‘Sasha Fierce’ Stand Up? Sasha Obama Breaks Twitter With Sizzling Photo

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On Sunday, December 13, Twitter users lost their minds over a photo of former First Daughter Sasha Obama. It’s hard to believe, but she’s 19-years-old now, and people have some feelings about it. The photo was rather innocent, but she showed a lot of skin, which some found offensive. 

Why was #SashaObama a trending topic on Twitter this weekend? 

Sasha Obama Looks Fierce in Leaked Photo 

In 2008, Barack Obama and his family moved into the White House. His daughters were the youngest children to reside in the Presidential home. Malia Obama was 10-years-old and her younger sister, Sasha, was just 7-years-old. 

During the 8 years the Obamas were in the White House, the public saw the two girls blossom to beautiful teenagers. Now 22-years-old, Malia Obama attends Harvard Law School. Her little sister is attending the University of Michigan.

Despite being young women now, many people still think of the Obama girls as the young girls they were in 2008. But Sasha Obama is here to tell you that she’s grown now. 

Over the weekend, a photo of her rocking a crop-top bathing suit almost broke social media. Blinged out with necklaces, rings and belly chains, the 19-year-old posed for the camera with a smirk on her face. 

Twitter Users Defend Former First Daughter Against ‘Porn Star’ Comparison

Sasha Obama’s fiery photo had Twitter in an uproar. Some people shouted out their appreciation for grown-up Sasha Obama. Unfortunately, the photo also brought out the trolls. 

Many so-called conservatives took issue with everything from Sasha Obama’s bare belly, to her long nails and pricey purse. A few people took to Twitter to compare Sasha Obama’s skin-baring photo to that of a porn star or prostitute. Those types of comments quickly got pushback from people defending Sasha Obama. 

People Guess How Her Parents Responded to Viral Photo

While some people were fighting over whether Sasha Obama showed too much skin, others were worried about her parents’ reaction. One Twitter user hilariously used a gif of Michelle Obama knocking a cell phone out of her husband’s hand. They joked that Michelle Obama was trying to keep Barack Obama from seeing why his daughter was trending on Twitter.

A few Twitter users questioned if the photo was really Sasha Obama. Some doubted that the former First Daughter would even have a rib tattoo. So far, there hasn’t been any confirmation that it is, indeed, Sasha Obama, but most people believe the photo is authentic. However, it didn’t come directly from Sasha Obama. She doesn’t seem to even have any social media accounts. 

But if it is her, it isn’t the first time a photo or video of the college student leaked online. 

No-Mask Group TikTok Dance Video Backlash

While #SashaObama was trending, some took the opportunity to bring up a recent viral TikTok video. Earlier this month, a video of Sasha Obama and a group of her friends doing a TikTok dance went viral. The NY Post reports that the video was quickly deleted, but the internet is forever. 

The video went viral not because of Sasha Obama’s dancing skills, though she did nail the dance. Rather, people were upset about the group of young people disregarding social-distancing and mask guidelines. 

No one from the Obama camp has yet to respond to the viral photo or TikTok video. Do you think Sasha Obama’s look is too revealing? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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