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‘Judge Judy’ Trends As People Guess Where Trump Will Take Court Case Next

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Earlier this week, President Trump’s campaign joined a Texas lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election results. The lawsuit took aim at the votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The Supreme Court quickly threw out the lawsuit, paving the way for the Electoral College to name Biden as the next President of the United States. 

However, Trump isn’t accepting defeat yet. 

President Trump Vows to Keep Fighting

Despite getting numerous lawsuits thrown out of court since November 4, Trump refuses to concede the election. Many considered the Supreme Court the last resort for overturning the election results. After all, the Electoral College electors meet on Monday, December 14th. On that day, they will award the candidate with the most electoral votes the Presidency. As it stands now, Biden has 306 votes while Trump has just 232. 

In 2016, Trump declared 306 electoral votes a “landslide,” but in the 2020 election, he refuses to admit defeat. Instead, he claims election fraud. 

Even after the Supreme Court ruled against him on Friday, November 11, Trump wouldn’t budge. During his Saturday tweetstorm, he tweeted, “I have not yet begun to fight!” Twitter users quickly jumped on the fact that Trump was quoting Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones. 

As a result, “John Paul Jones” was trending on Saturday. But one Twitter user joked that the only John Paul Jones that matters to them is former Bachelor in Paradise contestant.

Other social media users had a few suggestions on where Trump can take his case next. 

Twitter Users Guess Trump’s Next Step

After Trump tweeted that he will keep fighting, Twitter users were rightfully perplexed. After all, the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States… Or is it? 

As U.S. residents likely know, during Trump’s tenure, he created a Space Force. Therefore, it seems fitting that some Twitter users suggested Trump might take his case to Space Court next. 

But before Trump heads to outer space, there’s another court on Earth that he hasn’t been to yet. Judge Judy’s court. 

Earlier this year, judge Judy Sheindlin announced that her TV court show Judge Judy was ending. She left broadcast TV for a new show with Amazon, Judy Justice.

Many people took to Twitter to joke that Judge Judy’s courtroom is Trump’s next stop. 

However, others pointed out that she wouldn’t put up with his shenanigans. 

Do you have any guesses as to what Trump’s next move could be? Do you think he should give it up and concede or keep fighting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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