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President-Elect Joe Biden Suffers Ankle Injury, Recovering Well

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President-elect Joe Biden recently suffered an injury while playing with his dog, Major. According to PEOPLE, the injury was a sprained ankle and he will likely need a boot to aid in the recovery process.

“Initial x-rays did not show any obvious fracture, but his clinical exam warranted more detailed imaging. Follow-up CT scan confirmed hairline (small) fractures of President-elect Biden’s lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot. It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks,” said the President-elect’s physician in an official statement.

What Does President-Elect Biden’s Health Record Look Like?

President-elect Biden turned 78 on November 20, which will make him the oldest President to ever take office. Sitting President Donald Trump previously held this record.

Some critics expressed concern about President-elect Biden’s age and health. However, he wants to assure everyone he is in good shape. PEOPLE also reported that he released a three-page health summary last year that confirmed this statement. It even listed previous health concerns, such as his 1988 aneurysm.

But even with a boot, the President-elect is focused on the future. If you follow him on Twitter, you can see that he’s been active recently. A twisted ankle won’t stop him.

Will his boot be off in time for the inauguration on January 20? Only time will tell. Check back with us for more updates.

President Donald Trump hasn’t been especially kind to the Biden family on social media. However, even he tweeted his well-wishes.

The Biden Family Plans To Bring Pets To The White House

One thing is certain — President-elect Joe Biden bears no ill will with Major for the accident. He’s an avid animal lover and adopted the German Shepherd from the Delaware Humane Association back in 2018. President Donald Trump didn’t keep pets in the White House. Many Americans are excited to learn that pets will have a place there once again.

Major isn’t the only German Shepherd belonging to the Biden family. They have another furry friend named Champ. Champ will be the first shelter pet to live at the White House. After the Biden family moves in, they reportedly plan to adopt a cat too.

The Obamas had dogs, but a cat hasn’t lived at the White House since the last Bush administration. President George W. Bush and his family had a black cat called India. President Clinton and his family had a famous cat called Socks. However, most presidential families prefer to keep dogs. It’s nice to see that the Bidens want to keep both dogs and cats.

Are you excited about pets in the White House? Let us know in the comments. And if the Bidens do adopt a cat, what should they call it? We want to hear what you think.

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