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California Man Jacob Krzemski Not Truthful About Girlfriend’s Death

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When Jacob Krzemski of California brought his girlfriend Corina Lee to the hospital in April, he said she’d fallen in the shower. Lee soon was in intensive care fighting for her life. He said she hit her head on the toilet and had already sustained a head injury from a bike fall a few days earlier. He said that being delirious from her bike injury caused her to fall while in the shower, hitting her head on the toilet.

Corina unfortunately died the day after, and the hospital called the police. They found Krzemski had a restraining order from a previous charge from Lee. They arrested him for violating his restraining order and took him in for an outstanding warrant. He was booked and now he remains there without a set bail.

A look in to his criminal history shows multiple arrests for domestic violence, battery, and assault. Police made the arrest after getting a search warrant for Lee’s residence where Jacob had been staying.

Jacob Krzemski, Instagram

Jacob Krzemski’s Story Seemed Suspect To Lee’s Family

Jacob Krzemski told the story to Lee’s family who thought it sounded a bit suspect. He has now been charged with murder due to the death of his girlfriend. According to People, Corina’s mother said, “it was so fake, it was like he was forcing it. I never acknowledged him, even though his presence was there, to me, he was invisible.”

Patricia Lee said she believed her daughter had been physically abused by Krzemski in the past, but said she was unaware he was back in her life. She learned of his presence the day he called her saying Lee was unresponsive after the accident. A neighbor told police they heard Lee crying for help while Krzemski yelled at her, but they didn’t report it. Another time, Lee’s neighbors did call the police when they heard Lee allegedly yelling “help me.” They did respond but found nothing when they arrived at the apartment.

That Wasn’t The Only Time The Two Argued

Jacob Krzemski had said she was injured in a bike accident, but the injuries shown in the autopsy didn’t match his claims. She’d suffered a brain hemorrhage three days before she died. Krzemski is also being charged with criminal threats and false imprisonment. Patricia said about her daughter, “She always brought laughter and joy, everybody was so happy to be around her.”

According to People, jail records on the case, Krzemski hasn’t entered a plea. The next hearing is scheduled for December 9th.

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