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The Obamas Were Relieved To Leave The White House

The Obamas shared a rare photo from their anniversary trip. Former President Barack Obama sat down for an exclusive interview with People. In the hour-long conversation, he talked about his new memoir and his life after politics. He admits that he was relieved to leave the White House.

President Barack Obama talks about post-White House life

The 44th president was honest about his feelings about leaving the White House. While most Americans were sad to see him go, Obama felt a sense of relief. Barack Obama admitted that leaving the White House in 2017 “was like a big exhale” for him and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“There was never a time where we didn’t recognize what an extraordinary privilege it was to be there,” Obama revealed in this week’s cover story for People. “But during the time we were there, Michelle felt this underlying tension.”

The hour-long conversation also revealed insights from his new memoir, A Promised Land, and his life during and after the White House. Being president put a strain on the Obamas and their marriage. He revealed “the truth” of those struggles and how he and his wife repaired their relationship. For now, they’re just enjoying the lives that they built together.

the obamas instagram post
[Credit: Michelle Obama/Instagram]

“Michelle very much believed in the work I did but was less optimistic about what I could get done,” Obama recalled. “She’s more skeptical about politics and more mindful of the sacrifices to the family.”

It was in reference to the time when Michelle Obama said she “hates politics” at the Democratic National Convention this past August. Obama says she allowed him to work into the early hours of the morning. But she let him know how that made her feel. Obama said he needed her “to let out a breath.”

The Obamas are feeling better than ever

Don’t expect Michelle Obama to run for President. Because she’s happy to work outside of the White House. The Obamas feel happier and freer. Obama says that the former first lady “has been more relaxed and joyful since we left office.” In fact, it did a world of good for the entire family, according to Obama.

“And that allowed us then to not just enjoy the deep love that comes with a marriage this long, and as eventful as it’s been – but also to be friends again,” Obama continued. “Most importantly, our children emerged intact and they are wonderful, kind, thoughtful, creative – and not entitled – young women.”

He reiterated that it’s “a big sigh of relief.” During their post-White House years, the Obamas have since traveled around the world. Last year, they purchased a waterfront property on Martha’s Vineyard, where they spend most of their summers together. They also shared a rare photo from their one-anniversary trip to Joshua Tree National Park in California.

The photo shows the couple smiling while pushing a huge boulder. Barack Obama’s book A Promised Land is out now. The People cover story is currently on newsstands.

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