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Jennifer Lopez Drops Her Beauty Line & Early Access is Coming in Hot!

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Jennifer Lopez fans are aware of how wildly successful the megastar is. However, they may not know she’s about to enter the realm of beauty mogul.

Jennifer Lopez and the details on JLo Beauty

Given how busy and wildly successful Jennifer Lopez is, it’s hard to imagine that she doesn’t already have a beauty line. However, her Instagram links to the Instagram profile for her up and coming cosmetics line. Currently, the profile hosts eleven aesthetically pleasing photographs and videos. Most of the photos are of J.Lo, while some of them are videos of product imagery. The caption, “Beauty THAT hustles.”

The website for JLo Beauty is stunning. Additionally, the opening statement for the site is thought-provoking, to say the least. “Now, your glow has no expiration date,” quotes the site of its founder, Jennifer Lopez. Unfortunately, the site does not allow for any prerelease views of the beauty products Jennifer Lopez has on her line. It merely serves as the sign up for early access to the products.

Luckily for fans anticipating these products, they don’t have to wait much longer. Early Access grants participants access to order the products on December 8th. However, those that don’t sign up for Early Access have to wait until New Years Day.

More on Jennifer Lopez and her “passion project” beauty line.

While fans can’t wait to see more of from JLo Beauty, The Cut reports more on the making of the cosmetics line. According to The Cut, Lopez narrows down “the product possibilities a smidge”.

In the second post about the beauty line Lopez writes, “I can’t wait to share my skincare secrets with you.”  Consequently, The Cut surmises that “her new line will probably launch with skin-care products or ‘aesthetic skincare’. Luckily for those not savvy to cosmetology terminology, The Cut defines ‘aesthetic skincare’ as ‘”products that merge skincare with makeup finishes.”

While one of the many endearing characteristics of Jenny from the Block is her determination and motivation. This is evident in one of her captions about the highly anticipated beauty line. “This isn’t just a passion project, it’s a 30-year dream.” Another fact about JLo is that she is seeming a “skincare fiend,” according to The Cut. So, speculation about what the new products could be ranges from a “bronzing serum to an eye cream infused with diamonds.” Really, there is no telling, but hopefully, it has the secret to how Jennifer Lopez ages in reverse.

A testament to backward age reversal is found below in a tweet Jennifer shares announcing new music.

Unfortunately, fans have to wait a few weeks longer before they can get a glance of what JLo Beauty actually entails. However, if it’s anything like her music and movies over time, they can rest assured knowing that this is worth the wait. Stay tuned to Entertainment Chronicle for more news about your favorite entertainers.

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