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Jennifer Lopez Shines as a Mom When Kids Get Candid

Ahead of last night’s AMA Awards, Jennifer Lopez speaks with WSJ. Magazine about being a mom. According to E! she gets candid about a conversations she had with her children.

Jennifer Lopez highlights some tough facts about being a working mom.

From the outside looking in, it may seem like megastar Jennifer Lopez has it all. While any working mom might find things difficult, it seems that Lopez isn’t the exception to mom struggles. As E! points out “juggling her career and motherhood isn’t always easy.” Consequently, J.Lo may have learned some things during coronavirus quarantine.

Shockingly, Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Emme Muñiz are 12-years-old now. And, without a doubt have opinions of their own. Due to COVID, Lopez gets to experience some things in a more traditional family setting. One of these things is family dinner. “I actually loved being home and having dinner with the kids every night, which I hadn’t done in probably- ever,” she says. It seems that during one of these meals the kids expressed “the parts that they were fine with about [their] lives and the parts they aren’t fine with.”

While it doesn’t seem that the interview provides much more details about what the kids are and are not actually “fine with,” Jennifer Lopez describes the conversation as “a real eye-open and a reassessment.” Seemingly, this gives her a baseline of “what was working and what wasn’t working.”

Lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic.

It seems that if all the hustle and bustle of coronavirus teaches people anything, Jennifer Lopez included, it’s that “We have to slow down and we have to connect more,” says Lopez. Consequently, Lopez explains how she “thought [they] were doing OK.” Additionally, she says, “We’re providing this awesome life for them, but at the same time, they need us. They need us in a different way.” Ultimately, Jennifer Lopez says something that rings true with any mom. “I don’t want to miss things. And I realized, ‘God. I would have missed that if I wasn’t here today.'”

While many people will agree, 2020 seems like it’s been the longest year ever. However, Jennifer Lopez points out that it’s taken a toll on her children too. She says, “I feel like everybody aged, like, three years during this pandemic.” Heartbreakingly, she goes on to describe how her babies don’t quite seem like babies anymore. “They’ve been given a dose of the real world, with the knowledge that things can be taken away from you and life is going to happen no matter what.”

Jennifer Lopez mom
Instagram / Jennifer Lopez

Ultimately, Jennifer Lopez is keeping busy. And, fans cannot wait to see what the future holds. For now, Lopez has a new movie, Marry Me, a cosmetics line, JLO Beauty, and a health and wellness brand, Hims & Hers, in the works. Hopefully, things slow down for J.Lo and her kids. Stay tuned to Entertainment Chronicle for more news about your favorite entertainers.

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