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Governor Cuomo Cancels Thanksgiving Plans With Elderly Mother After Backlash

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If you live in New York state, you know that coronavirus cases are on the rise throughout the state. New York City had one of the highest infection rates at the start of the pandemic. In April, Governor Andrew Cuomo initiated a mask mandate that required everyone in the state to wear face coverings while indoors. 

The mask mandate is still in effect. Due to the rising number of cases, Gov. Cuomo urged New York residents to forego large gatherings for Thanksgiving. In fact, health experts recommend gatherings of only ten people or fewer. 

Governor Cuomo’s Original Thanksgiving Plans

On Monday, November 23, the New York Governor took to the radio airwaves with an interview with WAMC. During the wide-ranging interview, he revealed his Thanksgiving plans. Today reports that Cuomo’s mother and two daughters would be travelling to the state capitol for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Andrew Cuomo has three daughters with ex-wife Kerry Kennedy. Mariah is his eldest at 25-years-old. Twins Ciara and Michaela are 22. As Mariah lives in Chicago, she was unable to travel back to New York. But Cuomo planned to host the twins and his 89-year-old mother at his residence in Albany, New York. 

During the interview, he said his daughter was crying on the phone about not being able to spend Thanksgiving with her family. He even tweeted about it on Monday, encouraging people to stay home to help keep each other safe. 

At the time, he did say that his Thanksgiving plans could change because he has “a lot of work to do” before Thursday. 

His plans DID change, but for another reason. 

Thanksgiving at Governor’s Mansion Cancelled After Backlash

As expected, New Yorkers and the internet in general lambasted Cuomo for his Thanksgiving plans. While a dinner with his daughters and mother fall under the ten people guideline, people honed in on his mother’s age. 

Many people felt it was irresponsible for his elderly mother to travel for Thanksgiving. Additionally, his detractors labeled him a hypocrite for hosting a gathering at all. 

By Tuesday, Cuomo’s Thanksgiving plans were cancelled. His official statement chalks it up to him working through the holidays. 

Social Media Mocks and Memes Cuomo as Thanksgiving Creeper

Andrew Cuomo is a frequent target of President Trump. The two have an on-going feud over Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The outgoing President even threatened to withhold the vaccine from New York State. 

But there is someone else who despises Cuomo even more than Donald Trump. Or the several someones – the entire internet. New Yorkers who live outside of New York City particularly dislike Cuomo. The fact is that NYC voters outweigh the rest of the state and they vote Cuomo into office. 

While some people praise Cuomo’s fast response to the coronavirus, others feel he is overstepping his bounds with the mask mandate and limiting gatherings. And when the internet doesn’t like something, a meme is born! 

In one particular meme, Cuomo’s face appears in the lower half of a window, peeking in. The meme was in response to his threat to arrest people for large gatherings. 

Many people around the country will continue with their Thanksgiving plans, despite warnings against large gatherings. However, Cuomo is one Governor who takes the most ire for his policies meant to reduce COVID-19 infections. 

Will you still have Thanksgiving dinner as usual or are you restricting the plates at the table? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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