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Mariah Brown Wants You To Stay Home On Thanksgiving Weekend

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Mariah Brown, the daughter of Sister Wives star Meri Brown, wants you to stay at home over Thanksgiving weekend. She hopes that if you take the advice she brings, then maybe you survive and see Christmas 2020. But perhaps her mom Meri rather hopes people stay at her Inn in Parowan, Utah. After all, business is business and she prepped the place so it’s COVID-19 approved.

Mariah Brown says stay home for Thanksgiving

On her Instagram on November 23, Mariah said that she “gets it” if you feel you must see your family. Or, if you travel for “mental health” reasons. But otherwise, she prefers it if you stay home. She feels that way too many people travel this weekend. So Kody’s daughter suggests you “travel some other time.” After all “half the country is traveling.” Presumably, she and Audrey Kriss don’t travel for Thanksgiving as she says she hopes her family doesn’t end up “in the morgue at Christmas.”

Perhaps she just follows the advice of Doctor Anthony Fauci. ABC cited him as saying, “You see the clips on TV, people at airports, I mean those are the things we’ve got to realize are going to get us in even more trouble than we are in right now.” However, in Chicago, people told the outlet that they already planned their Thanksgiving vacation. And, for many folks, no matter what Fauci or Mariah says, they won’t set aside their special weekend for the coronavirus.

Privileged and travel

The Sister Wives star feels that privileged people should think about their “responsibility” to others. And she notes that making the decision to stay home is an “easy call.” Well, for her anyway. If she can’t see her mom this weekend, that sounds a bit sad. TV Shows Ace reported that fans grown concerned for her. The outlet noted earlier this month, that Meri Brown seems “sad and lonely.” Four days ago, she shared a photo of herself with Mariah at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah.

Of course, it might be an old photo. Notably, in her hashtags, Meri put in #FamilyTravel, #FamilyVacation and #TravelMemories. Actually, apart from Christine Brown who shared about seasonal foods, none of the family make their announcements for Thanksgiving this weekend. But, we also noted that Kody stays offline. So, it’s hard for the fans to know what is really happening in the Brown family.

Mariah Brown Thanksgiving Weekend message

Staying home for Thanksgiving weekend?

What do you think about Mariah Brown telling you not to travel home for Thanksgiving Weekend? Are you following her advice? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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