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Did Justin Duggar Secretly Get Engaged Before Turning 18?

Counting On fans everywhere were horrified when they learned Justin Duggar had begun a courtship prior to his 18th birthday. Now, just a single day after his 18th birthday, Justin Duggar has confirmed his engagement to Claire Spivey. Unsurprisingly, this announcement has provoked a lot of mixed emotions. Namely, a lot of people don’t understand why they are rushing to wed.

Claire Spivey confirms a very long courtship

It has just been a few months since Justin and Claire went public with their courtship. But, Claire revealed on Instagram they’ve actually been courting for over 14 months. This means Justin was just 16 when he began courting Claire. On Reddit, however, many Duggar Snarks are wondering how much of the information fans are being fed is actually accurate. They believe the information is being twisted to make the courtship look a little more appealing.

Duggar Snarks think the engagement didn’t just happen

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks suspect Claire and Justin Duggar have been engaged for a while now. Some insist it has clearly been at least a week. Some speculate it may have been even longer.

Why would Justin and Claire lie about when they got engaged? Well, Duggar Snarks have an answer for that. They noted it paints a much better picture for the Duggar family. It eliminates the predatory grooming argument if Justin is 18 when he gets engaged.

Justin Duggar Instagram

Others think the length of the courtship is also being exaggerated. They suspect insisting Justin and Claire have been together for over a year is also an attempted to defend the engagement at a young age.

Unfortunately, this is all really just speculation and fan theory at this point. Here’s hoping Justin or Claire decide to come forward and spill some detailed truths in the future.

Disgusted by the engagement, but not surprised

The moment Justin Duggar turned 18, many started to wonder how long it would be before an engagement announcement happened. Some were a little surprised that it happened the day after he turned 18. The timing disgusted many as they didn’t like the idea of Justin settling down at such a young age. After all, he hadn’t had an opportunity to even live his life just yet.

Do you think Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey got engaged before he was 18? Do you think they will get married soon with how fast things have moved? Will they get pregnant soon too? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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