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’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Takes ‘Finger Licking Good’ to the Max

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed will do just about anything these days for attention but this latest ploy might be pushing it just a bit too far. The break-out star of the TLC reality series has been busy working out in the gym lately. So he’s posted his different workout routines on social media for his fans to see.

Recently it appears Big Ed did something completely out of the norm. He seems to forget about his slim-down goals and all the hard work he’s previously done to achieve that goal. What the 90 Day Fiance celeb does next should turn his stomach. But if not, it might turn yours as you watch.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Devours Way Too Many Nuggets

It appears his latest ploy is to share videos of himself devouring a lot of meat. He seemingly ignores its effect on his body despite his recent healthy lifestyle. It looks as if the clip making a buzz online today is Ed sharing throwback stories.

But it’s not the stories that the fans seem to concern themselves with. No, it’s that he does this while attempting to stuff himself with 100 chicken nuggets.

In a social media post, 90 Day Fiance star Big Ed shared the latest challenge he participated in. According to Ed, he actually planned to eat 100 chicken nuggets. He posted a video of himself as he devours these fried nuggets, which he bought from McDonald’s.

He didn’t eat just those nuggets. No, he also ate a large number of fries. It seems Big Ed’s love for McDonald’s stems from his experience as a worker at the fast-food chain back in 1983.

90 Day Fiance Ed Brown Eating

Ed said he was in junior high school at that time and people called him Ed McNuggets. Shortly after that, he tried working on other gigs, including a delivery driver for a pharmacy. It didn’t turn out well for him as he wrecked his car on his first day of work.

Ed wasn’t successful in eating the entire 100 chicken nuggets. However, he managed to eat over 65, which is still a tough feat on one’s stomach.

Big Ed Forgets Workout Routines?

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed seemed to ditch his workout and instead go with this chicken nuggets challenge. This seems odd since Big Ed grinds away at the gym lately. He even posted a recent video doing several reps with two dumbbells. Today he replaced that exercise with hand-to-mouth chicken nugget repetitions.

90 Day Fiance Ed Brown Gym

Ed has been sharing a lot of positive vibes on social media. Recently, he encouraged his fans to stay happy and love themselves. Furthermore, Ed has been utilizing his reality tv fame to the max. His latest antic includes a humorous exchange with YouTube star PewDiePie.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed’s Hustle Continues

90 Day Fiance star Ed Brown continues to take all the opportunities he can to make extra income. During his chicken nuggets challenge, he promoted his own merch — a Halloween mask of himself.

Aside from that, Big Ed has been selling clothes with his face printed on it. From his Cameo clips to his personalized merchandise, Big Ed keeps pretty busy. Now, he adds YouTube to his offerings. With his hand in all these ventures, Big Ed will surely fill his bank account in no time.

While some fans seem to get tired of Ed embracing his fifteen minutes of fame, he still has plenty who come back for more. It doesn’t seem to bother him when his 90 Day Fiance followers claim to tire of his antics. He just keeps on living his self-declared superstar life. It seems that Big Ed continues to prove that it’s not easy to be a legend in your own mind.

90 Day Fiance Ed Brown Watching

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