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’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Out to Scare the Public With Latest Offering?

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90 Day Fiance star Ed Brown also known as Big Ed, continues to take advantage of his fifteen minutes of fame. The TLC celeb has been quite busy lately making money on the side. Just recently, Rosemarie Vega’s ex-boyfriend added another project on his already long list of side gigs. Is Big Ed making smart moves? Or is it becoming too much for his fans?

While he’s got his hand in just about everything today, his new venture just might scare you. So what did Big Ed do this time around?

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown Utilizes Reality TV Fame

Ed Brown sure knows how to make use of his reality tv fame while it lasts. The 90 Day Fiance former cast member continues to expand his ventures on and off social media. Ever since his debut on the show, Big Ed has been raking in some extra cash thanks to his sidelines.

90 Day Fiance - Big Ed Halloween Costume On Sale

It’s clear that the show helped Ed get his name out there. And now with stints on spinoff shows Strikes Back and Pillow Talk, Big Ed is hustling double to make the most out of it. Just recently, he revealed his latest project just in time for Halloween. Yes, it looks like Big Ed offers up his likeness for the holiday.

Big Ed Makes Extra Money On The Side

The 90 Day Fiance star seems to take all the opportunities available to make some extra income. Earlier this week, Ed Brown announced the latest product on his BigEd Wear collection. Apparently, Rosemarie Vega’s former boyfriend is now selling Halloween costumes.

In an Instagram post, Ed promoted the newest item on his online store. It shows a mask depicting his face that comes in two versions. One is the full-face latex version that covers the entire head and the felt version that covers the front face only.

Those who want to dress like him for Halloween will definitely have a blast with these masks. Or just maybe they can scare the public just a bit. Apparently Big Ed fancies himself a rock star as he’s taking “pre-orders” for his masks, much like you can pre-order a new album.


90 Day Fiance: Is Big Ed Hustling Too Much?

Aside from selling costumes and masks of himself, Ed Brown also offers other items on his shop. The 90 Day Fiance star’s wide-range of products include shirts, caps, socks, face masks, phone cases, mugs – all of which have his face plastered all over.

Big Ed is also making money doing Cameos for quite a while now. He charges a whopping $69 for a personalized video greeting. Now, it looks like his fans are getting tired of how Ed cashes in on his fifteen minutes of fame.

Apparently, some think Big Ed has reached his limits of trying to stay relevant. There are even some who don’t like how Big Ed keeps promoting most of his merch on social media. Others even called him a narcissist after getting a tattoo of his face on his leg. At one point, he even declared himself as the most famous cast member in the history of 90 Day Fiance. It looks like Big Ed has become a legend in his own mind.

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