Sister Wives - Janelle Brown Worries About Dog Getting Old
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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Sadness Seeps Into New Post

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown is all about the change of seasons lately as the leaves fall and the autumn foilage sprinkles color across the land. But fall is also a sad time of year for many people. This season gets rid of the flowers and greenery that represent life to many.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Marvels At Photos

Janelle Brown has shared a few posts lately of photos taken by her son Robert Brown. This Sister Wives’ son’s full name is Robert Garrison Brown. But for the veteran viewers, they know him as Garrison. The Brown family called him by his middle name, Garrison, since the show began.

Those gorgeous starscapes and landscape photos that Janelle shares online lately are the work of her son Garrison. This Sister Wives young man is a Halloween baby and will turn 22 on October 31.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Dog Bryn

It seems like it was only yesterday the viewers watched as Garrison joined his siblings at the table, coloring with crayons. But while her son took this lastest pic, it’s more about the pup in the photo that seemed to stir something in Janelle.

Not only are her kids growing up fast but so is another family member. The furry member of her Sister Wives’ family… Bryn.

‘Old Girl’ Turning Gray

For the Sister Wives followers who take just a quick glance at this latest pic, it’s an adorable photo of her pup. But this picture of Janelle’s dog seems to represent more than just her pet.

The gray seeping in around Bryn’s face with the fallen leaves in the background seems to represent aging. It may also represent the seasons in life to some of the Sister Wives viewers who see this photo.

Janelle Brown Sadness Over Dog Aging

It seems that Janelle got a bit nostalgic and also worried while viewing this photo of her beloved pup. The followers of Sister Wives know just how much Janelle loves this dog.

While her beloved canine looks like she’s doing fine, it seems viewing this photo reminds Janelle that the dog is aging. She hopes she will be around for years to come. But because Bryn is a rescue, they have no idea how old she really is. As you see in her post above, Janelle guesses she’s about 7 or 8-years-old. Anyway, that’s their best estimate.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Having That Dreaded Moment?

Pet lovers know all too well that dreaded moment when that thought about a pet’s life span pops into your head. We are more than likely going to outlive our pets. While life expectancy can vary greatly for dogs when you consider size, diet, breed, along with other factors, you seldom hear of a 20-year-old dog.

According to Pet MD, in the Average Life Expectancy By Breed chart below, there’s no breed that’s expected to live for 20 years, although it has happened.


It looks like this Sister Wives pet owner pondered the future when it came to her dog. With the signs of aging showing up on Bryn’s face, Janelle Brown got a sad reminder that dogs don’t live anywhere near as long as people do.

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