Sister Wives - Christine Brown Charges More Than Janelle Brown For Videos
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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Makes $5 Jab At Janelle Brown?

Sister Wives celebs Christine Brown and Janelle Brown seem to get along just fine on the outside but one seems to want to outdo the other. There doesn’t appear to be a reason for this competitive behavior. But who knows what goes on behind the scenes.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Offers More Bang for the Buck Than Janelle Brown?

Both Sister Wives women joined Cameo and both offer a personalized greeting for a price. But unless Christine offers more bang for the buck than Janelle, no one seems to know why the third wife outpriced the second wife.

Christine Brown is the Sister Wives spouse who tends to go above and beyond with any task at hand. Janelle is known for her laid-back methodical way of approaching things.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown - Shades Robyn - Praises Janelle

They both carry quite the fan base on their individual social media sites. So, one doesn’t seem to be more popular than the other. But it seems that one of these wives place more value on their time than her Sister Wives co-wife.

Cameo Money Nothing to Sneeze At

Cameo is set up for celebrities to name their own price then do personal video messages to the fans who request them. Usually, someone out there requests a birthday greeting or a congrats video for a Sister Wives fan they know.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown and Her Travels

The Sister Wives duo joined Cameo alongside many other reality stars who offer their greetings for a fee. But these two ladies charge a lot lower than many of their fellow reality stars. Some charge in the $100 range and above.

But there’s money to be made with these Cameo clips. Another reality celeb from TLC’s 90 Day Fiance series reportedly made $27,000 from his video clips. Surprisingly these are the only two from the Sister Wives adults to sign up for this so far. If Kody Brown ever ventured into this, he’d probably make a killing, but he hasn’t as of yet.

 Sister Wives: Why is Christine’s Time Worth More Than Janelle’s Time?

Janelle Brown joined Cameo first and set her price at $30 per video. Then Christine jumped on board but she priced her videos at $35 each, $5 more than Janelle Brown. This seemed rather odd to fans. Some thought Christine was in competition with Janelle for some reason. Others thought Christine believed her time was worth a bit more than her Sister Wives counterpart.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Does Christine Brown plan to give more of her time into each video than Janelle Brown? Or does she see herself as more entertaining than her Sister Wives co-wife?

Christine’s videos, which all start out pretty much the same, are over-the-top bubbly. Christine starts to slightly sing her words at times during these clips. But Janelle, while animated during her message, tends to be more on the serious side.

So why does Christine deem her Cameo video clips worth more than Janelle’s offering? Or is this a dig at Janelle from Christine? Fans want to know the significance of the $5 more.

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