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’90 Day Fiance’ Shocker: Cast Members Who Got Rich Since Filming With TLC

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90 Day Fiance spawns several success stories for cast members who used their fame from the TLC reality series to help them get rich. Reports indicate that the 90 Day Fiance gig notoriously underpays their cast members in comparison to other networks.

90 Day Fiance Stars Worked Their Promo Magic

So, whats’s a person to do with their 15-minutes of fame? Work it, just continue to work it… which is what the cast members below did. The 90 Day Fiance salary didn’t make these folks rich. But it’s what they did after their names became a household word that moved their income level way up there.

Nikki Copper, from 90 Day Fiance revealed the stars make $1,000 per episode and a bonus of $2,500 for appearing on the “Tell All”. That brings their salary to about $18,000 per season. In the scope of reality show celebrity paychecks, this seems like peanuts.

90 Day Fiance Elizabeth Potthast

Considering the top ten cast members from the Real Housewives franchise series each rake in $700,000 per year, 90 Day Fiance pays chump change.  Even the Teen Moms reality series pay their young adult veteran stars about $300,000 a season. According to reports, this is what Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry make for a salary.

While the 90 Day Fiance celebs make nothing close to what other shows pay their reality stars, some have found a way to make up for that. The several stars below worked their fame and grew their bank accounts. A few became rich with earning into the millions.

The Five Big Money Makers:

  • Paola and Russ Mayfield: Reports suggest these two stars of 90 Day Fiancé, made out pretty good since they became famous faces. Paola is very active on social media these days and she’s often seen promoting one product or another. Their estimated net worth is about $ 450,000

90 Day Fiance - Paola Mayfield Money On Promos

  • Larissa Dos Santos Lima: Most of the fans remember when this 90 Day Fiance cast member struggled for money. She’s gone from Colt to Eric on the series so far. Now that Larissa is a veteran star of the show, she’s also known for so many other things. This includes almost anything to do with enhancing beauty. While she gets her fair share of bashing, the promo world has been kind to her. Reports put her net worth at $500,000 today.

90 Day Fiance - Colt Johnson Close With Mother Debbie

  • Colt Johnson: He is another celeb who reported money problems during the episodes. Mostly because of his then-wife, Larissa thought he had an endless supply of the green stuff. While he moved on from Larissa to Jess, he is now working on a new girlfriend. But promos seem to work for him too. He is said to have a net worth of $600,000 accumulated since he’s become a famous face.
  • Big Ed works overtime promoting well… all things Big Ed. He has too many ventures to count today. He offers more items for sale that sport his image than most celebrities. Big Ed made money from a few ventures before he became reality star famous. This includes photography and architectural ventures. But his estimated net worth in 2020 is about $800,000.

90 Day Fiance: Million Dollar Club?

  • Elizabeth Potthast: While money problems seem to plague her on the show, this young mom is far from broke. Between the money that she makes from acting roles, the real estate business that she and her husband run, and promos – she’s a millionaire. Reports indicate that Elizabeth’s net worth is at $1 Million today.

90 Day Fiance Elizabeth Potthast

  • Anfisa Arkhipchenko basically just began her career but her net worth skyrocketed. According to reports, this TLC reality series star has a net worth of $1 Million.
  • Darcey Silva: This woman from Connecticut is probably the most famous out of all the 90 Day Fiance celebs today. Darcey started her run on the TLC reality series back in 2017. She went from Jesse to Tom and now she’s working on a number three love interest. Her money comes from her production company, her fashion line, and all the promos she’s done since becoming famous. Darcey Silva is said to have a net worth of $2 Million.

90 Day Fiance - Darcey Silva In Wig

Some Came To The Show Filthy Rich

  • Michael Jessen: He showed up very rich and flaunting his money. Michael’s estimated net worth is an estimated $1.5 million.
  • David Murphey: While he was rich before his 90 Day Fiance stint, his net worth comes from a few places. He didn’t need promos to make him rich as his full-time job pays $90,000 to $130,000 a year. He is a senior systems programmer. Then add in his assets and other incomes from promos, his net worth is estimated at  $2.5 Million.

These stars are not the only ones pumping the 90 Day Fiance fame promo train today. There are other TLC reality series celebs who have money rolling in after their appearance on one, two, or three of these franchise shows.

Past celebs like Jesse Mester, Nicole Nafziger, Tom Brooks, and others peddle their promos as well. But this offers a look into what ordinary people have done with what amounts to about 15-minutes of fame today.

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