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’90 Day Fiance’ Celebs OnlyFans List With Prices – Look Who Charges the Most

90 Day Fiance celebs want you to subscribe to their OnlyFans page but what is it and how do you find your favorite TLC reality series star? It seems OnlyFans has been around for a few years. But 90 Day Fiance stars only started gravitating towards the site recently. Apparently, it’s one way to make some extra bucks during the nation’s stay-at-home days.

90 Day Fiance: Celebs Get Risque on OnlyFans

According to Complex, OnlyFans is not a new site. In fact, it’s been around four years. They launched this platform back in 2016. OnlyFans is described as: “a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content—typically of the pornographic variety.”

It seems as if just recently it’s caught on with the 90 Day Fiance cast members. It is one way to pick up some extra bucks on the side. While the TLC reality series cast members who signed up don’t seem to offer the x-rated shots some of the adult entertainers do, they are getting a bit risque.

90 Day Fiance - OnlyFans - Colt -Leida - Deavan

OnlyFans, the NSFW site (Not Safe For Work) doesn’t make it easy for you. There’s no central hub where you can browse for your favorite 90 Day Fiance star or any other celeb for that matter. You have to know who it is you’d want to subscribe to and search that name.

Suggestions start with a Google search such as “celebrity name OnlyFans”. So if you want to find say, Colt Johnson, you would enter “Colt Johnson OnlyFans” in the Google search bar. This brings his page up to click on.

OnlyFans Categories Tell the Story of What to Expect

OnlyFans homepage offers several categories, which include Celebrity, Dancer, Model, Cosplay, Fitness, Tattoo, and Pornstar. When a celebrity joins this website they set the price for their fans to pay. It’s a monthly subscription and the prices vary between $4.99 all the way up to $49.99 a month.

There are a couple of 90 Day Fiance stars who are a bit pricey. They charge closer to the high-end of the price scale. So what 90 Day Fiance celebrities have an OnlyFans account? And… how much do they charge?

90 Day Fiance Stars and the Price They Charge:

  • Stephanie Matto: Price – $4.99 per month. She first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 4. This American fell in love with her online Australian girlfriend Erika Owens. Her journey over to Australia didn’t pan out but her OnlyFans page might surprise fans. It’s described as offering content for “mature audiences.”
  • Anfisa Arkhipchenk: Price – $12 per month. She divorced Jorge Nava after he was arrested and put in prison. Anfisa came over to the US from Russia on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance - OnlyFans - Corey and Evelin

  • Corey Rathgeber: Price – $14.99 per month. Reports indicate that Corey’s other half, Evelin Villegas, closed her OnlyFans account but Corey still has his up and going. This 90 Day Fiance team keeps fans updated on their Instagram account as well.
  • Deavan Clegg: Price – $15.00 per month. While Deavan is known for some steamy photos on Instagram, fans wonder just how far she’ll go with her OnlyFans account. But it does give this mom of two another income to help support her kids.

High-End Celebs?

  • Colt Johnson: Price – $25 per month. Well, it seems as if Colt thinks his OnlyFans page is worth one of the higher monthly fees among the 90 Day Fiance celebrities on OnlyFans. He showed up online advertising his page. He looked like an ice cream sundae with whip cream covering his private parts. Apparently that was meant to be an enticing invitation to his fans.
  • Colt has also been seen in a bathtub with his vital areas covered by bubbles, along with sexy poses in front of a fireplace with his silk pajamas. (Well as about as sexy as you can imagine coming from Colt Johnson.) This 90 Day Fiance frequent flyer is getting more risque by the minute.

Keeping Up With the Jones

  • Eric Nichols: Price – $25. He’s the boyfriend of Larissa Lima. She reports she is about ready to launch an OnlyFans page as well. It looks like both of Larissa’s men, past and current, think they’re worth the $25 a month fee.
  • Leida Margaretha: Price – $40. She goes under the name AyaCO on OnlyFans. Fans remember Leida with her TLC reality series partner Eric Rosenbrook. The two married and appear more in love than ever if you follow them today on Instagram. So far Leida takes the cake for the highest or one of the highest prices among her TLC reality series peers.

90 Day Fiance - OnlyFans -Kolini Faagata

  • Kolini Faagata, the beautiful sister of Kalani Faagata joined OnlyFans. While she didn’t say how much it will set you back for her monthly subscription, she reported raking in $3,824 in just two days. So, it seems quite profitable for the 90 Day Fiance celebs to offer a little something extra to the fans through this site.

If your favorite 90 Day Fiance celeb isn’t in the above list just Google their name followed by “OnlyFans” and if they have a page, it will pop up.

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