90 Day Fiance Rebecca Parrott Talks Future Babies With Zied
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’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Parrott Rants About Babies For Zied

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90 Day Fiance celeb Rebecca Parrott sure knows how to perk up the ears of her fans with talk about having a baby with Zied Hakimi. Rebecca rounds the corner to 50 and Zied is still in his mid-20’s. So this is some baby talk her followers didn’t want to miss.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott Baby Talk

This 90 Day Fiance star certainly perked up even more ears when she announced she was about to talk about a baby in her future – or not. So fans gathered around to hear just what she had to say.

On top of everything else, it looks like Rebecca Parrott is a smart businesswoman. While this TLC reality series star shared her thoughts, she seemed to find a way to cash in on her baby talk.


The talk turned into a rant as she’s not happy with the 90 Day Fiance fans who call her selfish. She wants these fans to know she’s not selfish and this is a talk she had several times with Zied.

They even addressed it with the TLC cameras rolling but it was edited out, according to Rebecca. Apparently, Rebecca told Zied on camera that they’ll never have a baby.

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Been There, Done That – Not Interested

Rebecca Parrott is a mom of three and a grandmother of seven at 47-years-old. What she told Zied is that basically she’s been there and done that so even adoption is something she’s not willing to promise.

First of all, this mom and grandmother made it clear that she and Zied are “incredibly happy”. It also appears that her 90 Day Fiance handsome guy also gave a response that mirrored this. From what Rebecca says, Zied’s response didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Rebecca told him that she didn’t want to take being a father away from him. By marrying him she felt this is what she was doing. Because she couldn’t have kids and Zied is still young, she gave him the option to call their relationship off.

He could have the option of fatherhood with someone his own age, she told him. And… she told them this several times in the past few years.

It seems Zied’s response was a tear-jerker. He gave an example and Rebecca said even the producer cried. Zied said – what if he fell in love with someone his own age and she couldn’t have kids.

Should he leave her too? Zied also said his God wouldn’t say a woman can’t have love because she can’t have kids. He went on with more romantic stuff, which his 90 Day Fiance partner explains in the video above.

90 Day Fiance: Zied Happy to Be Grandpa

Rebecca also explains that Zied is happy she’s made him a grandpa as she has seven grandkids to share with her. So, back to Rebecca’s business sense. Most people would not watch this long-drawn-out video if it was just Rebecca applying cosmetics.

But they will watch it if she applies cosmetics and talk about having a baby with Zied, or not. This is what the 90 Day Fiance star did. The entire time she ranted about a baby not happening for her and Zied, she introduced products.

She also applied those products to her face to give her fans an idea of how they work. So as fans tuned in to hear Rebecca talk about the possibilities of having a baby with Zied, she gave them a sales ploy. It looks like Rebecca knows how to captivate an audience.

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