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’90 Day Fiance’ Rebecca Parrott Announces Another Baby On The Way – Grandma For 8th Time

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90 Day Fiance fans only know Rebecca Parrott as a red-headed, tattooed Georgian who went to Tunisia to meet the man of her dreams. So far, Rebecca seems to be that lady who knows what she wants and gets it.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott Announces Another Bundle of Joy

Zied Hakimi, who is her much younger husband by a few decades, worships the ground she walks on. Rebecca has daughters almost the same age as her 90 Day Fiance husband.

This means she is old enough to be a grandma and this beautiful lady is a grandmother of 7 already.

A  fan commented: “Congratulations! Have you decided what you want to be called? Glamma?”

Rebecca responded: “love it! But I’ve got 7 grandkids already!! I’m GIGI 😍😍😍😍”


A heartwarming Instagram post from Rebecca about her daughter announced a new grandchild on the way to the 90 Day Fiance fans. Her daughter Tiffany is about to become a mother for the first time.

Now her mom, Rebecca Parrott, tells Tiffany that she’ll realize just how much she is loved by her own mother. It looks like Rebecca thinks Tiffany will really understand this once she feels the love for her own child.

Spoiling Time for Rebecca and Zied

The 90 Day Fiance celeb already signed up herself and Zied for spoiling rights. She writes, “Zied and I are gonna spoil this baby absolutely rotten,” and you can bet the farm she probably will.

Rebecca shared how “my baby is having a baby” in her hashtags. It also looks like Rebecca also offered her nickname for her daughter in the post, well actually a couple of nicknames.


She refers to her daughter as her mini-me and again as “Tiffany Tornado”. So it looks like Rebecca, her daughter, and now Zied since he’s joined the family, have a lot to look forward to.

90 Day Fiance: Keeping That Flame Going

This 90 Day Fiance grandma shared another recent accomplishment with her fans from the TLC reality series. She quit smoking last week and she did it cold turkey. She hopped online at the time asking for prayers as day one was a killer. But she did it because she rewarded herself a few days later by looking for a puppy.

When Rebecca is happy she seems to spill that happiness over into the social media sites. While Zied is crazy about his American bride, it seems that Rebecca returns those same feelings for her husband.


No matter what Zied posts online, Rebecca is usually first to post a comment. She’s got her own way of gushing over her man. Whether Zied jumps online to show off a tattoo or to reveal a new hairstyle, Rebecca’s there cheering him on.

But with all is said and done they seem like they were made for each other. Even with a couple of decades between them in age didn’t present as too much of a roadblock.

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