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’90 Day Fiance’: Unrecognizable Avery Mills Before Omar Albakkour See Amazing Pic

90 Day Fiance star Avery Mills is now a happily married woman to new husband Omar Albakkour. The young bride converted to Islam when she was eighteen years old. Not long after, she joined a Muslim faith-based dating site and met her now-husband. Originally Avery believed her new man was based in the United States. However, she soon realized that her love was all the way in war-torn Syria. Avery and Omar are the first Muslim couple to appear on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

Avery was raised in a Catholic home. So growing up she looked nothing like we see her these days. In fact, she was very much the typical American girl next door. The Avery Mills we know today looks unrecognizable to fans in the rare throwback picture below.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills Became Muslim Before Meeting Omar Albakkour

90 Day Fiance celeb Avery Mills converted to Muslim when she turned 18. Before then she was a typical American girl. She did gymnastics, was a cheerleader, and went to school dances. She also did her fair share of partying. However, she realized that life wasn’t for her. That path of self-discovery lead her to Islam.

The 90 Day Fiance alum researched the religion vigorously. She asked Muslim friends questions. Then once she actually visited a mosque, she says she realized she found her people. She said she knew she was in the right place and finally on the right path.

90 day fiance avery mills before and after


Avery Mills Comfortable In Her Own Skin

90 Day Fiance personality Avery Mills is confident in her decision to live life as a Muslim woman. Many fans thought she converted at the request of her husband Omar. That is certainly not the case. Avery is a fiercely independent woman. Which in a way is a contradiction in the Muslin faith where women are not known to be loud and vocal. However, Avery is learning fast the ins and outs of her new religion and it’s cultural practices. Of course, the rules are more rigidly enforced in a Muslim country.

Currently, Avery is in college here in the United States while Omar is still living in Syria. The couple spends several hours a day talking on the phone and Face-timing each other. The two have a strong bond. Not too long ago they appeared on a 90 Day Fiance spinoff show What Now? Fans were excited to see what the couple has been up to since their season aired.


90 Day Fiance: What’s The Latest Update On Omar’s Visa

90 Day Fiance husband Omar Albakkour is hoping to join his wife Avery Mills in The United States. However, with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, his interview for his spousal visa has been postponed. Until the pandemic is under control there’s no clear timeline for if and when the interview can take place. If approved it still will take months to arrive in the USA.

Avery Mills is committed to her marriage. So even if Omar joining her in the US isn’t an option, they’re both willing to relocate to a different country so they can live together as a married couple. Right now nothing else has changed for the couple’s relationship. They still spend hours a day with each other via phone, text, and video chat. However, Avery still worries about her husband’s safety living in Syria with their civil war still very much continuing.

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