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’90 Day Fiance’ UPDATE: Karine Martins Breaks Her Silence

90 Day Fiance celeb Paul Staehle has started a social media storm with his recent live streaming cop drama and it only got worse from there. After he was served a restraining order on behalf of Karine Martins, he claims she went missing. 90 Day Fiance inside source John Yates reports Paul Staehle took a restraining order first on Karine on July 30 to keep her from fleeing the country with baby Pierre.

Karine and Her Mother Confirm She and Pierre safe

He asks anyone who sees Karine and “the child” to please call the sheriff’s office. But this little piece of the Paul Staehle show probably broke the restraining order as he drew even more attention to Karine.

Reports indicate Karine’s mother came forward to say her daughter is safe with baby Pierre. She claims her daughter is attempting to get away from Paul Staehle after the alleged horrific abuse he put her through.

It’s apparent this 90 Day Fiance mother and wife made an attempt to stay hidden with her son. But with Paul asking people to be on the lookout for her, he’s probably made her a public target for these reports, which will out her whereabouts.

Update: Karine has broken her silence and gave fans an update.

Karine 90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance Fans Beg Paul To Stop

With a restraining order in place, 90 Day Fiance followers told Paul online he needs to stop and leave finding Karine to the police.

This 90 Day Fiance husband and father has taken full advantage of Instagram this week. He’s made it his platform for his attempt to gain support for his plight against Karine. But it didn’t pan out that way as fans of this TLC reality series called Paul out for his behavior.

He’s demeaned Karine in public by saying she gave him an STD. He did this from a hospital bed. Then he claims he is not the father of the baby Karine is pregnant with and that she has an open CPS case on her. Paul and Karine have always had marital problems and lived them out publicly, it seems this time it has gone too far with both people taking restraining orders on each other. Below is Paul’s RO on Karine credit John Yates

karine martins and mom

90 Day Fiance: Paul Keeps Rolling Film While In Hospital

When the American 90 Day Fiance celeb started all this he looked like a concerned father. People did offer comments of hope and concern to him in the beginning. Now it seems another agenda seeps through.

Fans wonder if this is more about controlling Karine than it is about Pierre.  He asked that everyone be on the lookout for Karine and “the child” after he claimed she was missing. People called him on the use of “the child” rather than “his son.”

90 Day Fiance fans split into separate camps over this. But many agree that Paul needs help after the behaviors he demonstrated during the past few days.

Fans Had Enough

Paul did all of this starting on Thursday with a video of the cops visiting his house twice. This carried on through to Saturday with more videos of him making accusations about Karine and reporting her missing.

90 day fiance paul and karine restraining orders

Karine’s restraining order, which is seen above has some horrific and graphic accusations against Paul. Karine claims that Paul’s mother was aware of what Paul did to her but she stands by his side.

Paul denies the accusations and has said he is not mad at Karine because he knows she was not the one who wrote it. Paul’s RO is also in the post above. Below is the Police Officer at their residence before Karine’s statement of accusations was written.

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Recording Before Statement Of Accusations Was Written

A post shared by Paul Jason Staehle (@pauljasonstaehle) on

As of Sunday, it is down to a case of “he said’- she said.” When this goes to court, that judge will probably experience this as one of the most mind-boggling cases they’ve ever heard. Today the 90 Day Fiance viewers have seen and heard enough. It is sick and appalling. The only concern the viewers of the reality show have left is for baby Pierre.

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