90 Day Fiance - Is Evelin Villegas Pregnant
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’90 Day Fiance’: Evelin Villegas Pregnant – Belly Bump and Photo Evidence Surface?

07/19/20 9:27 AM

90 Day Fiance beach baby Evelin Villegas looks as if she’s about to add a little something extra in her future bikini shots. If the 90 Day Fiance watchers are correct, that bikini will rock a baby bump next time she slithers in the sand. Read on to find out why the pregnancy rumors could very well be true.

90 Day Fiance: Evelin Villegas, Corey Rathgeber, and Baby Makes Three?

Evelin Villegas leaves little to the imagination with those bikini shots. So, today her 90 Day Fiance followers are anxiously awaiting to see what her next bathing beauty photo shows.

It looks like there’s a baby on board for Evelin and Cory Rathgeber. Or at least this is what the fans see in one of her latest Instagram shots. In the post below, it looks like Evelin’s normally flat tummy has rounded out a bit.

Corey posted that photo, which was taken at a birthday party for one of Evelin’s many cousins. Fans of this TLC reality series didn’t focus on that elaborate birthday cake or the different foods offered up for this party.

No, they zoomed in on Evelin Villegas’ middle section. And… one more item that may be a hint.

90 Day Fiance - Evelin Villagas - Corey Rathgerber- Party


Looks Like Helen Turned 16

Another hint of a possible 90 Day Fiance couple pregnancy shows up on that table where food and gifts wait. Apparently Helen is the girl in between Evelin and Corey in this photo.

Because the number “16” is on the wall behind them, it’s probably safe to say that this is a sweet 16 birthday party. While you would assume all the gifts and food were there as part of the party, there’s one that doesn’t fit in.

This odd gift isn’t one you’d present to a girl of 16 at her birthday party. The packaging suggests it’s a gift for a baby or an expectant mother.

90 Day Fiance: Baby Carriage Hint?

Did someone arrive with a present for Evelin as well as the birthday girl? If so, it looks like she plopped it down on the table before posing for this shot. It also appears as if someone put their cell phone on the table next to the gift.

Look at the wrapping for that gift bag. It looks like it’s done up for a baby. The baby carriage is just one design on the bag. It also looks like baby toys as well. That’s not gift wrapping for a  sweet 16 party. No, that looks like a baby gift.

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Since I remember birthdays have always been super special in my family 😊 no matter what day of the week it is , if theres school if there is work we still find a time of the day and we all get together to celebrate one more year of life 🎉 we have food, cakes , candy , gifts and lots of love ❤ (no alcohol cause my family religious believes ) notice that dont matter what age u are , this is the celebration of my aunt and uncle birthday ,he is 52 and she is 43 how amazing! It's so important to keep family traditions and create memories that will last forever. Never stop celebrating the love and your family. Reunions with less than 30 people are allowed in my country but we got together cause we all have been quarantine really strictly and we know we have been following all the rules to not get the virus, we will never expose anyone on our family just fyi before someone decides to ruin my post . Much love ! I cant wait for better times and again be able to freely hug everyone, yes I'm a hugger 🤣 Thats it I just wanted to share a bit of this with u . ❤

A post shared by Evelin Villegas (@evelin_villegas_ecuador) on

Anyone who follows this 90 Day Fiance bikini queen knows she always has her phone ready for a selfie. She even dances with it in her hand on some of the numerous clips she posts online. At another birthday party (above) she has her cell tucked into her pants.

So, did she put her phone down on the table next to that baby gift that she also might have held at the time to free her hands for the photo?  Just asking… after all, it’s very strange gift wrapping for a girl of 16.

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