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‘Counting On’: Jinger and Jeremy Slammed By Fans For Latest Photo

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.Counting On stars, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo find themselves in the parenting hot seat but this isn’t your run-of-the-mill offense, it’s rather dangerous. It started when proud papa Jeremy posted an adorable photo of his daughter sitting on his lap in a boat.

Counting On: Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Warned Of Dangers

From the background, it looks as if the father-daughter duo were out on a river or lake boating on a sunny day. With little Felicity Vuolo at the helm, the photo couldn’t be any cuter.

It took only minutes for Counting On fans to see the danger this picture displays. The comments about the cutie steering the boat gave way to parent slamming aimed at Jeremy since he was the parent in this picture.

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram Boat


Once this Counting On celebrity photo was flagged for a dangerous practice, others hopped on the comment section to add their thoughts.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Actually, quite a bit is wrong with this photo. You can be a total land lover and see this. Little Felicity is out on the water in a boat with her dad but she’s not wearing a life preserver. Neither is her father, Jeremy, which the followers of Counting On also point out.

When out on the water anything can happen. You can find yourself in the water within the blink of an eye. Hey, accidents happen and the deep water is a dangerous place for anyone, especially a child without a life preserver.

Without a life jacket, that little angel could be in trouble if they found themselves at the wrong end of a mishap. Another Counting On follower writes:

“Where is her life jacket?!!!!!! Kids should always have them on.”

Many of the comments showed genuine concern over Jeremy and Jinger allowing their daughter onboard without a life preserver. The couple is now expecting their second daughter so fans hope this is a lesson learned for them today.

Some of the comments to the Counting On father were kind but to the point. One person wrote:

“I feel obligated to mention that one should never be on a boat without a life jacket. God Bless.”

Counting On: Parents Make Mistakes But…

Parents learn with their first child and the Counting On couple are no different than other couples despite Jinger’s large Duggar family roots. But this isn’t an ordinary first-time parents’ mistake. This is right out of boating 101.

Even people who have never stepped foot in a boat know the dangers of a toddler on the open water without protection. Common sense points to the need for a floatation device for a child from the moment they are on the water.

So, you really can’t chalk this one up to first-time parent’s mistake. Anyone who takes the helm of a boat should know the rules of safety. The couple hasn’t commented on the backlash and the photo is still posted for all to see.

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  1. Why the hell do you people who comment on the picture ,didn t wrote to Jeremy and tell them it was not the right thing to do on a boat ,instead of bashing them like if they had kill somebody ,i guess some of you who YELL at them are not perfect parent either,im pretty sure they would have like someone tell them it ain t right ,and they would appreciate your comment ,NO instead you prefer to BASH them like you always do as soon as they do a lit bitty thing .like all you have to do is watch the show and then BANG,,,,,,,YES LET BASH THEM,,,,go a f*** life..

  2. As far as Felicity doing the steering, it is clear to anyone who would really look at the photograph, that Jeremy has his hands on the steering wheel.

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