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Jill Dillard Uses Terrified Son for Entertainment Video – Fans Furious as Child Screams

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It looks like Jill Dillard now back peddles on her attempt to entertain her followers after sharing a video of her son in a terrifying state of fear and panic.  When this Duggar sister went way too far in her attempt to get a laugh from a recently posted video, her fans let her have it.

It started out with a broken car window that wouldn’t go up or down. But to keep out the inclement weather, Jill Dillard’s husband apparently covered the window with a plastic garbage bag.

Jill Dillard Finds Entertainment in Sam’s Terror?

Jill’s 2-year-old son, Samuel Dillard, wasn’t used to the loud and startling noise the garbage bag made when the wind whipped it around as the car moved. This left the little fellow terrified and screaming from his car seat in the backseat of the car.

Jill Dillard laughed on this video as he carried on, according to a recent report. That video had Sam screaming “mama, mama, mama”.  Fans saw this as a travesty with some offering Jill really harsh reprimands online.

Jill Dillard - 19 Kids and Counting


Ironically Jill filmed the video as the family was on the way to church. So it looks like Jill Dillard became aware that she didn’t thrill her followers with her idea of entertainment. After all the backlash, she posted a quick shot of the car today with the window back in place, which you can see above.

She captioned the photo  – “For those concerned about Sam…”  Maybe she missed the point, sure fans were concerned about Sam who was really frightened of the noise. But fans were really concerned about Jill Dillard taping the incident instead of having her husband pull over so she could calm little Sam down.

But the fans’ concern also centered on how Jill could see this as a form of entertainment. Or that she deemed it cute. Fans let her have it. Moms from all over the nation hopped online to give her a piece of their minds.

Another Mommy 101 Lesson From Fans

Sure the window is fixed now, as the latest post suggests. But they hope she learned a lesson as well. A child really frightened and scared needs comforting.

They don’t need to star in a video for the sake of “cute” entertainment. There’s nothing cute about a child in fear, as the fans relayed to Jill. It looks like Jill Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard are no strangers to controversy. It seems to follow them around. Check out the video above for another recent controversial topic having to do with Mr. and Mrs. Dillard.

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