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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Posts Toilet Slam to Followers – Eyebrow Bullying?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown didn’t follow her usual pattern of messages online recently and it sounds like it was anger that pushed her to that point. The first wife of Kody Brown came right out and suggested people go clean their toilets.

Yes, clean your toilet. She first pointed out how bullying is growing online and wonders if it has to do with boredom. So, apparently some elbow grease applied to your bathroom throne is the answer to that.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Suddenly Advocates for Clean Toilets

Most of the Sister Wives fans who follow Meri Brown usually shower her with praise. They tell her how great she looks and it how it appears that she’s lost weight. They also have her back when her co-wives and shared husband don’t seem to treat her right.

But a couple of this Sister Wives celeb’s recent posts center on Meri’s face. While she’s looking very well-groomed these days, several comments suggest her eyebrows are a bit too drastic.

It seems she’s shut off the comments on her latest Instagram post, which features the photo above. Meri’s eyebrows are very predominant in that photo. You tend to see them first before anything else.

Her eyebrow arch is just a tad bit manufactured looking for some fans. So, maybe she expected more eyebrow critiques and decided to not offer that option.

Sister Wives - Meri Brown Toilet Post

Maybe these eyebrow comments are what Meri alludes to when talking about online bullying today. People don’t usually call her out for her looks. Mostly they jump on the continuous plea for Meri to leave her Sister Wives shared husband.

Most of her posts are solo selfie shots with some “meaningful” cryptic messages attached. But not this time. Although cleaning one’s toilet is a necessary evil, it’s just not like Meri Brown to stoop to this level.

Who Else Is Going to See This?

No one knows but Meri Brown what brought her to the point to direct her Sister Wives followers to go clean a toilet. But whatever it is – it sounds like it irritated her.

Sister Wives - Meri Brown on Coyote Pass

She can say this wasn’t meant for her fans but if your not a fan you don’t follow her. So the only people to see her toilet slam are the peeps who go to her online sites.

Meri also advocates that her Sister Wives followers go for a walk. She suggests that people get productive instead of spending their time bullying online.

Sister Wives: Eating Your Way Through Stay-At-Home Days

It seems the first wife to join the Sister Wives marriage is spending more time researching online these days. She also posts how a panda spends 18 hours of the day eating.

I Feel Alone

I Feel Alone

Posted by Sister Wives Video Clips on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Meri Brown shares with her Sister Wives followers that this is where the word pandemic originated from. It seems Meri is also doing some weight training at the gym and taking nightly walks.

So, it looks as if she’s making sure she doesn’t follow in the panda’s footsteps. Instead, she’s spending some of those 18 hours exercising. But Meri doesn’t like being alone so much of the time. She feels very left out of the family and has for a long time. You can hear Meri in her own words during the emotional video above.

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