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‘Sister Wives’ – Meri Brown Shocks Fans With Answer to Big Question

Meri Brown is part of the foundation of the Sister Wives series, although with the treatment she gets at times from Kody Brown you might not think so. But she is and so it’s probably not easy to get up and go as so many fans request of her.

In the last episode, Meri Brown tells the Sister Wives cameras that she gets asked that question all the time. What question would that be? Meri said people want to know why I don’t just leave.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown Finally Spills the Beans?

It looks like after a very long time, Sister Wives followers finally got that answer from Meri. Of course, when first watching the preview, the editing cut Meri Brown off before she revealed her answer. So fans assumed online what Meri is about to say.

Many viewers believed that Meri was ready to say she’s finally leaving. Others just hoped that would be the case but believe Meri has a different answer in store. So what did Meri finally say?

Sister Wives - Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown

Fans of the Sister Wives show finally learned just how far gone Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s marriage is at this point. During their first marriage counseling session in over a year, Meri confesses that it’s over between them. Is this a way out for her and does this make her happy? No, she so doesn’t want to leave and she’s upset over her marriage in such a shambles.

This surprised the viewers, as Meri sat there and listened as Kody seemed to demean her. He is only attempting this marriage therapy out of “moral obligation,” he said. He feels Meri basically deceived him and he sounds like he thinks he married her under false pretenses.

Kody Brown laid it on thick. Despite viewers from across the nation wanting Meri to get up and leave as he seemed to belittled her, she didn’t. What even made it worse is Merry asking what she can do to fix herself to get her Sister Wives husband back.

It sounds like this Sister Wives’ marriage hit the skids a long time ago but Meri is still around as part of the family. The big question asked of Meri all the time is why won’t she just leave. Meri Brown’s fans would love to see her go out on her own and even find a man she can have all to herself. But that’s probably not going to happen.

The answer to the big Sister Wives question that Meri finally reveals might surprise fans. Leaving Kody means leaving the family and she doesn’t want to do that. So, she wants to get her marriage back up and running.

No More Kody Brown But …

This Sister Wives mom of one makes it very clear to the therapist, Nancy, that she’s not with Kody at all anymore doing husband and wife activities. This more than likely includes the bedroom as well.

This really stuns the therapist.  She thought after a year and a half of not seeing them they made progress on their relationship. Kody Brown also talks but he seems to blame it all on Meri.

He tells the Sister Wives camera that he didn’t date Meri very long before they tied the knot. He believes Meri presented herself differently than she really is and that she deceived him and he married her not knowing the real Meri.

The Sister Wives mom of one is at a loss for words, as viewers at home are shocked over Kody’s treatment of Meri.

Therapy | Sister Wives

“The relationship between he and I is gone. It’s dead. It’s over.” #SisterWives

Posted by Sister Wives on Friday, April 3, 2020

It looks like Kody Brown goes after that age-old excuse – she’s not the woman I thought I was marrying. For more than a quarter of a century Meri and Kody lived as a wife and a shared husband. But there’s a lot more to this plural marriage than the husband and wife relations.

Sister Wives – No Fourth Night Perks But She’s Still Family

According to the adults in this plural marriage, it’s based on their religion as well. So, it’s not an easy thing to do, just walk away.  Although Kody claims it’s not religion keeping him from severing ties with Meri, it’s his moral obligation to her.

After all, he did take her on as a wife. For Meri, it’s about the wives too. She made promises to the Sister Wives co-wives as well as Kody when they came into the family.

The Browns are a family unit and just because Kody and Meri’s marriage is over, doesn’t mean Meri lost everyone. She does say that she has responsibilities to her fellow Sister Wives as well as all 18 kids born into the plural marriage.

So Meri Brown, “Why not just leave?” She’s staying put as part of the family. Meri won’t lose the family so she won’t leave. She will hang in there without the perks of her every fourth-night visit from Kody Brown for now.

But who knows… maybe after she gets to watch the episode with Kody saying she’s a moral obligation she’ll fly the coop. Seeing his on the screen my demonstrate just how terrible it sounds.

She has to realize that those were not words of love coming from the man she married. Fans bashed Kody for his horrendous treatment of Meri, but she indicated she’s sticking around and attempting to rekindle things. Which, of course, upset her followers.

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