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’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Parrott Way Back – See Before Tattoos and Filters (Pic)

90 Day Fiance star Rebecca Parrott is basking in the afterglow of happiness these days. She just tied the knot a few weeks ago with her Tunisian lover Zied Hakimi in her native Georgia. Fans have a renewed interest in Rebecca and Zied since the duo is currently appearing on a 90 Fiance spinoff series, What Now?

Fans learned Zied’s K1 visa was approved. However, Rebecca and Zied further shocked fans with news of their recent nuptials. Seems Zied Hakimi made it to the USA just under the wire since international flights are suspended due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

90 Day Fiance – Rebecca Parrot Unfiltered in Flashback Friday Picture

90 Day Fiance fans recall Rebecca Parrott notoriously is known for sending her new husband heavily filtered pictures of herself. She’s quite a few years his senior, so of course, she wants to make sure he likes what he saw. Apparently her real-life looks didn’t scare Zied away as evidenced by their recent wedding. However, we have uncovered some unfiltered pictures of Rebecca from back on her youth. She certainly looks like a different woman! ( see below)

The throwback pic must have been taken in the late 80s during Rebecca’s high school years. The look definitely screams the 80s. This means that this picture was taken long before Zied was even born. Rebecca lived a lifetime before finding her soul mate with her now the fourth husband. Let’s hope the fourth time is the charm for Rebecca. She and Zied do seem very happy together.

Rebecca and Zied Wedding Not Filmed For TLC

Sadly 90 Day Fiance fans will not get to see Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi’s wedding. The pair married quietly in a very small ceremony. Furthermore,  due to the Coronavirus quarantine and social distancing protocols, a TLC film crew was not able to be present. However, there’s a chance that their own personal footage could be incorporated into a future 90 Day Fiance spinoff series.

90 Day Fiance – What Next For Mr. and Mrs. Hakimi?

90 Day Fiance couple Rebecca and Zied Hakimi have a bright future ahead of them as they start their life together as marred could in the USA. The current COVID-19 situation certainly adds a bit of uncertainty to the mix. Rebecca is currently a restaurant manager. So with the restriction lifting in her home state of Georgia, things certainly are looking better each day.

Also, Zied is not able to work until he gets his work permit in a few more months. Hopefully, that won’t be delayed by the shutdowns due to the virus. In the meantime, the two have moved to a very cool loft apartment, are quarantining together, and enjoying this special and unique time as newlyweds.

Watch What Now? Mondays at 10 pm o TLC.

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