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’90 Day Fiance’: Sizzling Hot Mother Debbie Strikes a Pose – Goes Back 50 years (Photo)

It looks like Mother Debbie from 90 Day Fiance knew a few things about striking a hot pose long before Larissa entered Colt Johnson’s life. So, If you thought Larissa was the only thing hot in Mother Debbie’s household, take a good look at this new photo. Then – think again.

90 Days Fiance – Mother Debbie Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

For those of you 90 Day Fiance followers who thought Colt grew up with a regular-looking mom, you might be mistaken. It seems he goes after women like Larissa who offer a bit of flash with their looks. But his mom Debbie Johnson was anything but generic-looking back in the day.

The photo that Mother Debbie shared came from before her son was born. So, Colt probably doesn’t remember his mom this way as a kid. But he probably did see her in pictures. So Debbie’s fantastic good looks as a young lady may just have influenced her 90 Day Fiance celebrity son’s taste in women.

90 Day Fiance - Mother Debbie Johnson in 1970

No one around the Johnson’s 90 Day Fiance household took issue with Larissa Lima’as looks. No, Mother Debbie and Colt weren’t thrilled about her explosive behaviors. In fact, Colt loved the way his wife looked. But she had a temper and while he attempted to handle it, the situation got way out of hand.

Colt Johnson’s Mom Was a Hottie

The 90 Day Fiance bride didn’t get along with Mother Debbie. Soon Debbie started to feel like a third wheel in her own home. Colt found himself in the middle of his wife and his mother. It was a very sticky situation for the 90 Day Fiance mother and son.

But out of this, the fans got Mother Debbie. She’s the mother-in-law people wished they had. And her popularity made Mother Debbie a breakout star of the season. Today she is still going strong with followers on social media.


90 Day Fiance - Colt Johnson - Mother Debbie Johnson

So when one of the favorite 90 Day Fiance moms put a throw-back Thursday photo on her Instagram page, people took notice. The photo was taken 50 years ago – back in 1970. She’s not Mother Debbie here but hottie Debbie in a blond wig.

90 Day Fiance – Move Over Larissa, Look Who’s Striking a Pose Today

Mother Debbie not only looks gorgeous but she’s making quite the fashion statement back then. She’s wearing bell-bottom jeans, in the style that was all the rage in the 1970s. Look at those puffy-sleeves on that white shirt she’s wearing. There’s a style that just screams the 70s.

So who does Mother Debbie resemble posing on what looks like the top of a piano? Maybe Petula Clark, that 60’s icon from Great Britain? Larrisa can move over as her ex-mother-in-law strikes a pose that’s gone viral today.

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