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’90 Day Fiance’: Evelin Villegas Weight Gain – Fights Backlash In Bikini Top

90 Day Fiance star Evelin Villegas made headlines this week with her cleavage looking more voluptuous than usual. This led to the assumption of plastic surgery from her fans online. While Evelin demonstrates her bigger boobs in a new video, she did this to set the record straight.

90 Day Fiance – Evelin Villegas Sets Record Straight

It seems this 90 Day Fiance celeb believes women should love themselves for who they are.  As far as Evelin is concerned, women should not try to enhance nature by going under the knife. So did she go against that belief?

Fans believe Evelin had breast enhancement surgery after a recent photo surfaced online. The before and after photos below seemed to prove their point.

An indignant Evelin Villegas made a video to say she absolutely did not have a boob job. What the 90 Day Fiance fans see is an optical illusion along with extra pounds she accumulated.

Decked out in a tiny bikini top, Evelin showed the side view and front view of her breasts. “Boobs and no boobs” is what Evelin Villegas repeated as she turned from a side view to a frontal view. She did this to show how the different views changed the look of her breasts.

Like Magic – ‘Boobs’ and ‘No Boobs’

“Look,” Evelin said as she turned for a side view – “no boobs”. Then the 90 Day Fiance cast member showed a frontal view of her chest to the camera. This was her “boobs” shot.

It seems Evelin knows all the tricks to embellish cleavage. This includes squeezing those girls together and pushing them up a bit with the right kind of bra.

It’s not often a 90 Day Fiance personality steps out to highlight weight gain. No, usually they strut out in front of the camera to show off the weight they’ve lost. But not Evelin.

90 Day Fiance – On a Mission In Bikini Top

But Evelin Villegas is on a mission and she’s scantily dressed to prove her point in an itsy bitsy bikini top. Some might agree that Evelin Villegas actually looks better with that extra weight she sporting today.

Her face doesn’t look as gaunt as it once did at times. She often appeared like she was tired. But the extra weight didn’t just settle in her boobs. It looks as if her face also benefited from some of that weight gain. She actually wears the extra pounds very well.

So Evelin Villegas set the record straight with the followers of the TLC reality show series. If her boobs look bigger it’s due to a few different things going on.

This includes weight gain, the camera angle, and quite possibly a push-up bra. But what you see is all hers without adding anything fake for embellishment purposes.

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