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‘Fox and Friends’- Google Search for ‘Panic Attack Symptoms’ Up 100 % During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Fox and Friends follow everything that concerns the Coronavirus but a new serge on Google Search really reflects a sign of the times. The stress level across the country and the world is on high for most people as this invisible enemy lurks around every corner.

Another topic has spiked in Google Search – “Panic Attack Symptoms”. This search is up 100 percent today and Fox and Friends is talking about this on Thursday morning.

Fox and Friends: New Report – Coronavirus Can Live 5 Days on Soles of Shoes

So, as this busy world comes closer to a halt, the stressors mount, as Fox and Friends describe on their morning show. Even some of the most laid-back people suddenly find themselves anxiety-ridden.

The worries over the spread of the Coronavirus has people worried. Most people not only worry about themselves contracting the Coronavirus but they worry about their loved ones as well.

A new report on Fox and Friends Thursday morning only adds to that worry. Researchers found that the Coronavirus stays on the soles of your shoes for up to five days. This is one way of bringing the virus into your home that many people probably never thought about.

An expert on Fox and Friends suggests you leave your shoes outside. It is a good idea to leave them exposed to the sun with the soles up so the natural UV rays can kill any germs that you may have picked up.

Life-Altering Shut-Down

Fox and Friends report on the battle against Coronavirus and how this virus has changed each and every person’s daily life in some way. Many people are home from work as only “essential” businesses stay open. Those who still go to work put themselves in harm’s way as Coronavirus spreads with such ease.

No work means no pay for most people riding out this outbreak at home. No pay means the bills mount and life as you know it becomes fragile financially. Despite the government halting all home foreclosures and evictions, that money owed needs to get paid one way or another when life returns to normal.

So not only are people worried about getting this virus, they worry about paying their bills. With families finding themselves more and more underwater with their bills, stress mounts. The body’s normal reaction to stress is anxiety, which could cause panic attacks.

Fox and Friends: Google Search for Panic Attack Symptoms Surge

Symptoms of a panic attack vary but often include:

  • Sense of terror, or impending doom or death.
  • Difficult breathing.
  • Chills and feeling sweaty.
  • “Racing” heart.
  • Feeling weak, faint, or dizzy.
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers.
  • Chest pains.
  • Feeling a loss of control.

As you might notice some of the symptoms of a panic attack mirror symptoms of the Coronavirus. Such as difficulties breathing. Also,  having the chills and sweats, which is how you feel with a fever. A panic attack can leave you feeling weak, again something you might experience as a symptom of Coronavirus as well.

Not only is “panic attack symptoms” serging on Google Search today but so are some of the things that go along with it, according to Fox and Friends. People also search for treatments to elevate these symptoms as well.

Spikes in Google Search indicate the trends of the day and now that “panic attack symptoms” searches spike, it looks as if stress is giving Google Search a workout. Catch Fox and Friends every morning on the Fox News channel.

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