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Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Captures Internet’s Attention During Coronavirus Isolation

Little People Big World star Amy Roloff is home like most people in the nation riding out the Coronavirus pandemic by playing it safe. But unlike most people, Amy has a way of reaching hundreds of thousands of people. So what she has to say usually makes it way around the nation and a few other countries as well.

Little People Big World – Amy Roloff Is All About Pulling Together While Alone

The Little People Big World celebrity is pictured in the post below with her pup. She’s all about social distancing today but not when it comes to the virtual world.  Amy numbers just under 500,000 followers today on Instagram. So, when she shares her thoughts about this time in history, those words get around.

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It’s better to ‘stay in’, do social distancing, wash your hands… and do all of the other things, as individuals, to help beat this ‘invisible enemy’ we’re all fighting. Together we can overcome and get on the other side of this better. My sister didn’t go and see my Dad this weekend because she wanted to keep him safe. My Dad is 91 and I’m thankful he is still doing well and in his home. I called and got to talk w/ him today. ♥️. Even with being so far (he’s in Michigan and I’m in Oregon) there are a number of ways we can stay connected whether near and far. 😊. Continue to stay safe, pay attention to what we’re asked to do on the federal, your state, city… Be patience, be kind and be a neighbor and help when and where you can. Reach out to others. Thank you to ALL the helpers. We can’t get through this without You. Love to all #myrescuedog #storyofamyrandchrism #staysafe #bekind #bepatient #lovealwayswins #keeppraying #keepthefaith #godknowsyourheart #godisstillincontrol #thankgoodness

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Much like the US President has said, this “invisible enemy” is a battle we need to fight together. She talks about the things you can do to make this world just a little bit better while riding out this unprecedented storm.

The Little People Big World mom talks about her 91-year-old dad and how the family is keeping him safe. As fans of the Roloff family know, Amy is very close to her dad. Since losing her mom back in September, she talks about the many ways she keeps in constant touch with her dad.

Breaking Plans With 91-Year-Old Dad – A Good Thing Today

Since she resides in Oregon and her father lives in Michigan, it’s not a quick drive to her dad’s house. But she makes sure to call him. Amy Roloff also sounds comforted by the fact her sister spends time with her dad. When her sister canceled a visit with their father this weekend, that was a good thing.

It was to keep him safe. While the Little People Big World star didn’t report anyone within the family sick with the Coronavirus, it doesn’t matter. Keeping the elderly away from even healthy people is the strategy best followed to make sure they stay safe.

The latest reports indicate you might not even know it if you’ve contracted the illness. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spread it. So it sounds as if Amy has her dad on her mind during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Little People Big World – Amy Reminds Followers That You’re Not Alone

Amy suggests in her post above that it’s a good time to reach out to neighbors, friends, and loved ones. You can do this without leaving your home. For many in isolation today without family members there with them, it can feel rather lonesome.

If all of Amy’s followers just picked up the phone to check on someone they know who is alone, the world will be a little better place.

As the matriarch of the Little People Big World family suggests, we’re all in this together. So, here’s to Amy Roloff, who is staying put at home with her dog. Thanks for the inspiring words. But most of all thanks for the reminder we are not alone in this.

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