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’90 Day Fiance’: Laura Sleeps With Aladin’s Mom – No Jiggy Jiggy On ‘The Other Way’

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Laura Jallali visits Aladin Jallali’s mother and once in bed Laura won’t roll over and see Aladin during their stay. No, it’s his mom who will occupy the bedroom with Laura during their stay at his mom’s house.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Laura Jallali Gets Aladin Jallai’s Mom as Roommate

Laura sits at Aladin’s mother’s home and it’s getting near bedtime. She describes for the 90 Day Fiance camera that she’s looking forward to a little alone time with Aladin. Suddenly they start to move furniture and another bed appears.’

Aladin informs Laura that she’ll share a bedroom with his mother. The disappointed American reality celeb resigns herself to the fact she’s in another country and this is their culture. So Laura makes her peace with having to bed down a few feet away from Aladin’s mom for the night.

At least Laura is respecting the cultures of the land while she’s there. But just how far will she go? Laura did learn early on in this season that Aladin can have more than one wife, according to his culture.

Laura opted to leave behind her family, friends, and everything she owned to live with Aladin in his native land of Tunisia. But can this American woman really morph into a culture where men take the lead?

No Jiggy-Jiggy For Laura Tonight

You have to admit in the video below, Laura sticks out like a sore thumb as she sits with Aladin’s family. The people in the room with her don’t seem very animated and it’s almost as if they’re only tolerating Aladin and his guest. But then again, they have 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cameras filming them in their home.

This must feel very strange to Aladin’s family. Laura does show off her maternal instincts in the video as she soothes a crying baby in the clip. So that has to at least count for something. So just how will Aladin’s family take to Laura?

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  1. laura’s little speach about aladins lack of bedroom capabilitys will stay on the internet and hound their life forever. i can see she thought it was funny and for tv. but it was a huge disrespect to him, his family, his country. now I do think she made a mistake in the whole relationship with her age and thinking she will have any rights in a muslim country but that disrespectful act and buying the vibrator will be a source of humilation for aladin forever. I am surprised she did it and surprised 90 day would do that. it puts her at extreme risk. it will probably be a lawsuit in the future. wish 90 would think before they do some of these stupid things in other countrys. and laura fyi i don’t think any man in muslim countrys care whether you are enjoying the sex. it’s about them and not you. you screwed up go home. there’s no women’s lib there. use your brain. quit with the disrespect. there is no one there to have your back. you lost that when you left the states….

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