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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fan Shares Experience At Bates Sisters Boutique

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Bringing Up Bates stars Carlin and Whitney Bates have been thriving with their business, Bates Sisters Boutique. The two have been running the store for years, and it seems that everything is going their way. Because of this, many fans became curious about how the two managed such a huge company. Fortunately, a Redditor recently shared their experience getting an actual look at the BSB’s main building. Keep reading to see what happened.

Bringing Up Bates: Carlin & Whitney Bates Celebrate New Boutique Milestone

Carlin and Whitney have been celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Bates Sisters Boutique. In April, the Bringing Up Bates stars uploaded clips of their employees as they celebrated at their office. Carlin and Whitney also gave out gift cards and other items to thank all of their supporters. After celebrating the BSB’s anniversary, the two began teasing their followers about the upcoming collections in the store, showing that things are only getting better.

Whitney Bates & Carlin Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @zachnwhitbates Instagram
Whitney Bates & Carlin Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @zachnwhitbates Instagram

Fan Shares Experience At Bates Sisters Boutique

Some Bringing Up Bates fans on Reddit react to a fan’s experience going to the Bates Sisters Boutique’s main office. According to the poster, they were huge fans of the Bates family, including the clothing store. Due to this, they wasted no opportunities to take a closer look and hoped to buy some merchandise at the store. Unfortunately, the Reddit user ended up with an unpleasant experience. The place was nearly empty and didn’t look like a store.

Bates Sisters Boutique, Sourced From Reddit
Bates Sisters Boutique, Sourced From Reddit

They also revealed that they saw a few racks of clothes with “ring/nest style cameras,” but they only lasted five minutes in the shop. The poster decided to try again the next morning, but they noticed two blonde ladies looking at them with an impression of not wanting them inside. Several commenters were surprised by the poster’s experience, while others mentioned that the BSB’s building is not an actual store anyone can visit every day.

  • “Just an fyi the boutique isn’t an actual store you can shop at. It’s only online other than every couple a months they have a cash and carry on a Saturday.”
  • “I didn’t think the boutique was an actual store? More of like a storage facility which is why you might have gotten that reception.”
  • “Yes I’m pretty sure it’s just a warehouse and an area for them to do their photo shoots. Only during their big outdoor sale can people go there to shop.”
  • “BSB isn’t a normal store you can go in. It’s basically just a warehouse and sometimes they have it open.”

Bringing Up Bates: A Bates Family Friend Joining Bates Sisters Boutique?

Carlin also made headlines last week after uploading photos and clips with her long-time friend, Jessa Duggar. It created speculation that Jessa was joining BSB. The rumors were fueled when Carlin Bates Stewart uploaded a clip with one of her employees who’s about to part ways with them. According to some Bringing Up Bates fans, there’s a possibility that Jessa may be taking the spot, which may be the reason for her sudden visit to Tennessee.

Carlin Bates & Jessa Duggar Sourced From @carlinbates98 Instagram
Carlin Bates & Jessa Duggar Sourced From @carlinbates98 Instagram

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