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‘Counting On’ Did An Arranged Marriage Happen In Duggar Family?

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Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have witnessed many of their children get married and live happily with their partners. Many of them still follow the family’s core values, while others step away and live a different lifestyle. However, some Reddit users think there’s a couple who may have their marriage arranged. Keep reading to see the shocking speculation.

Counting On: Fans Discuss A Possible Duggar Divorce

Some Redditors recently discussed the possibility that a Duggar divorce may happen. According to the poster, they don’t believe that all of the married Duggars will stay forever. The Reddit user assumes that Josh and Anna may be on the verge of filing for divorce. However, some Counting On fans think that Jessa and Ben Seewald might call it quits. There are also speculations that Katey may end up leaving Jed and remarrying another Christian guy.

Josh Duggar & Anna Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @annaduggar Instagram
Josh Duggar & Anna Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @annaduggar Instagram
  • “Jessa and Bin SHOULD, but they’re both so “holier than thou” they’ll just stay together in misery. But honestly, it’s what they deserve. Give it 11-12 years, and I think Kathy’ll ditch Jed!’s a**. I think she’s fed up with his shit already, but she’ll try to make it work for a few more years. She’ll remarry some basic christian guy with a couple kids of his own, and they’ll get a dog. No one will take Jed. He moves into Jer’s basement.”
  • “A Duggar will get divorced one day. There is just no way 100% of all 19 kids will remain married until death, even with their cult upbringing. I’m hoping it’s Anna but that seems unlikely. Who do you think might get divorced eventually? It may be a domino effect. One will get divorced, then another, then another etc.”
  • “I agree, first Duggar that comes to mind is Kathy.”
  • “If I had to guess, one of lost boys will drop his wife and blame her for it. And the cult will def say the wife deserved it.”

Did An Arranged Marriage Happen In The Duggar Family?

Some Redditors from the same thread also discussed the possibility that there was an arranged marriage in the Duggar family. According to some, Justin and Claire, who got married in just a few months of dating, were questionable. Others agreed and pointed out that the two don’t look like a couple. Some Counting On fans also worry for the two, as they’ve been extremely quiet on social media.

Justin Duggar & Claire Spivey From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @claireduggar01 Instagram
Justin Duggar & Claire Spivey From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @claireduggar01 Instagram
  • “I’ve been assuming this is a marriage of convenience. I suspect they’ll stay together long haul unless either wants a real marriage. Justin wanted out. Claire wanted something- possibly protection from a bigger POS?”
  • “Absolutely agree. Justin and Claire totally have an arranged marriage! They give off friendship vibes than an actual couple.”
  • “I can see Justin and Claire splitting up extremely quietly. I get the vibe they’re just friends and had different reasons for rushing into marriage. It’s also why they’re rarely seen and have zero social media presence. Particularly with how enamored Mama Spivey is for fame.”
  • “Pest/Anna (initiated by Pest), Jed/Katey, Justin/Claire are my top contenders.”

Counting On: How Are Justin & Claire Duggar Today?

It’s been quite some time since Justin and Claire made a post on Instagram. The married couple last appeared online on December 26, 2023. They uploaded a photo of them with their ponies. The two are currently living in Texas, close to the Spivey family.

Justin Duggar & Claire Spivey From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @claireduggar01 Instagram
Justin Duggar & Claire Spivey From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @claireduggar01 Instagram

It was also reported that the 21-year-old son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar has been working with the Spivey family’s construction business. The Counting On alum also holds the record for being the youngest Duggar child to get married and the longest one to have no child since exchanging vows with his partner.

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