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‘Counting On’ Claire & Justin Duggar Return With New Family Members

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Counting On alums Claire and Justin Duggar have been inactive on social media for two years. The reason behind their sudden absence is unclear. They haven’t been able to participate in some of the Duggar family’s gatherings this year. The two relocated to Texas after tying the knot in 2021. Since then, the two have decided to go off the radar. However, the married couple surprised the fans after finally returning with a new addition to their family. Keep reading to see the adorable photo.

Counting On: Claire & Justin Duggar’s Life In Texas

Before staying off social media, it was revealed that Justin began to work at the Spivey family’s construction business in Texas. It was also a perfect fit for him due to his experience in his father’s real estate business, where he used to remodel homes with some of his siblings. It was also reported that his wife, Claire, works at her family’s company as a secretary. The Counting On alum and his spouse presently live on a property near the Spivey family.

Justin Duggar Claire
Photo Credit: @claireduggar01 Instagram

Justin & Claire Return With A Big Surprise

Claire recently took to social media to share a photo with Justin. “Merry Christmas!” she captioned. Many were surprised by their sudden return. Some said that they’re looking much happier today. Meanwhile, some Redditors were caught off-guard by the married couple’s two mini-horses, which have been a long-time dream of Claire. Here are some of the comments from the Counting On fans.

Justin Claire Pic
Photo Credit: @claireduggar01 Instagram
  • “Man I totally forgot about them lol. Are they the longest a couple has gone without a (announced) pregnancy?”
  • “3 years and no baby?!?! Good for them!”
  • “Mini-horses are adorable but they have a reputation for being shockingly mean. Hopefully the ones they got aren’t the bitey kind.”
  • “Okay, these are actual blessings.”

Claire and Justin Duggar didn’t say much about their new family members. But the leash they have indicates that they’re going to domesticate them.

Counting On: Justin Duggar’s Relationship With The Duggar Family

It’s been quite some time since Justin last visited his family in Arkansas, creating speculation that something may have gone wrong between him and his parents. The Counting On alum didn’t participate in the Duggar family’s Christmas party as well, which is one of their biggest annual events.

Claire Justin
Photo Credit: @claireduggar01 Instagram

Claire and Justin Duggar remain discreet about their plans to have a child as well. Regardless, many commend them for focusing more on their marriage, especially at their young ages. Justin exchanged vows with Claire when he was just 18, making him the youngest Duggar to settle down with someone.

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