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Counting On Fans React To Jill Duggar’s Shocking Revelation

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Counting On alum Jill Duggar has been making headlines following her explosive podcast with Derick Dillard. The married couple participated in a popular YouTube podcast channel in which they opened up about controversial topics regarding Jim Bob and the IBLP. However, one of Jill’s claims caught many off-guard. Keep reading to see what it was and the comments she received.

Counting On: Jill Duggar Shares Untold Stories About Jim Bob

Jill revealed some unexpected stories during her participation in The Unplanned Podcast. One of the things she revealed was how long she and her father, Jim Bob, hadn’t seen each other. According to the Counting On alum, they’ve never seen each other for a year. She made it clear that they may have run into each other during family occasions like weddings or birthdays. But it seems that the two are still in an estranged relationship.

Jill Derick Jim Bob Michelle Instagram
Photo Credit: @duggarfam Instagram

Aside from that, Jill also discussed a shocking story about how she and her siblings had to get their parents’ blessings before buying a house. She also added that it was part of the IBLP principles. “It’s just like this ranking system, and if you’re not abiding by your parents’ authority forever, then you’re getting out from under their blessing. And if you’re out from under their blessing, then you’re opening yourself up to evil, and bad things happening,” she added.

Jill Shocks Fans In Childhood Story

Some Redditors reacted to one of Jill’s unexpected revelations in her podcast. The Counting On alum talked about how she began to take care of her younger siblings at the age of six. According to some, it’s truly a disturbing practice. Others even called out Jim Bob and Michelle for their controversial parenting decisions. Here are some of the comments from the Reddit users.

Derick Jill Duggar
Photo Credit: The Unplanned Podcast YouTube
  • “The aged six part didn’t shock me. Joy was shown that age doing it. But I found it interesting that she’s still sheltering her mother from blame – Derick was gently pressing at times but she’s not ready to acknowledge that as abusive.”
  • “Oh my god. 6 is still birth-six aka the most formative and important years for the human brain. It almost seems intentional they made them be little moms at that age. I feel sick.”
  • “Meech was too busy being joyfully available for Boob and nothing else mattered. Having your female children become parents was easier and wrong and just plain lazy.”
  • “SIX?? WTF?! That is literally insane.”

Counting On: Jill Duggar’s Participation In TheDuggar Family’s 2023 Christmas Party

Despite all their efforts to expose Jim Bob and the IBLP, Jill and Derick surprised many after attending the Duggar family’s Christmas party last year. There were no photos of Jill interacting with her parents. But many Counting On fans believe that there’s no way the two didn’t cross paths inside the big house.

Counting On Jill Derick
Photo Credit: @jamesaduggar Instagram

Many are also curious as to why Jill Duggar participated in the podcast and began exposing her parents, despite her recent efforts to stay in touch with them. However, she also made it clear in the podcast that they don’t usually talk about the things she did, especially her book, when she’s with the family.

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