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Fans Discuss Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar’s Biggest Mistake

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Counting On alums Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have been silent online since the conviction of their oldest child, Josh. Many believe that the two stepped away from the public to avoid questions regarding their disgraced son. However, it seems that the Duggar parents couldn’t escape controversy despite keeping a low profile. Recently, some Redditors called them out and discussed one of the biggest mistakes they have made for their daughters. Keep reading to see what it was.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar’s Actions To Defend Josh

Many have been furious about Jim Bob’s attempts to defend Josh for his crimes. According to reports, the Counting On alum has been funding his defenses, including some of his appeals, which were all denied. The Duggar family patriarch reportedly spent nearly a million trying to overturn Josh’s conviction. However, it seems that the court has made its final decision. Anna’s husband is now serving time in prison until 2032.

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Fans Discuss Jim Bob & Michelle’s Biggest Mistake

Some Redditors discussed one of the biggest mistakes Jim Bob and Michelle have made for their kids, especially for the victims of Josh’s molestations. According to the poster, the Counting On alums should’ve never revealed what happened to the girls without their consent. The Reddit user also added that they knew people who suffered from the same nightmare and did not want many to know about their past.

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Meanwhile, others feel bad about how the girls never knew what happened to them due to their young ages. And instead of looking after their kids, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar continue to exploit them for views.

  • “What makes it even worse is that they didn’t even understand fully that they had been abused when it came out,” one person said.
  • “They deserved to have control over their narrative, instead they were pushed onto the public stage of right wing television and forced to air the most horrible thing they’ve ever been through,” another commenter added.

Counting On: The Victims Defend Josh Duggar?

Some Reddit users from the same thread also discussed the moment Jim Bob and Michelle began to defend their son. According to some, the Counting On alums tried to minimize the situation by making the victims say that their older brother didn’t do anything wrong.

Joy-Anna Jigner Jessa Jill Jana Instagram
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  • “The Duggar girls were victimized at least thrice: when it happened, and when it came out, and when they were forced to relive it and make excuses for their abuser on television,” one person said.
  • “And the girls were made to defend it themselves on Megyn Kelly’s show! Jessa said “oh, he’s not a pedophile or anything” and we know Boob and Meech were behind that,” another commenter added.
Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna are some of Josh Duggar’s victims. The identity of the fifth victim remains a mystery today.

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