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‘Counting On’ Do Josh Duggar’s Kids Know About His Arrest?

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Counting On alum Anna Duggar disappeared from social media since the CSAM arrest of her husband, Josh. An insider claimed that she’s not on good terms with some of the Duggar kids who don’t support her convicted husband. There are speculations that the 35-year-old mother is still in denial, and many Reddit users feel bad for her kids. Keep reading to see what worries them.

Counting On: Do Josh Duggar’s Kids Know About His Arrest?

Some Redditors who shared their thoughts on Anna’s children are aware of Josh’s conviction. According to the poster, Mackynzie, who recently turned 14, is currently the oldest kid and is big enough to know about what her father has done. The poster is also curious if this will affect the child and her other siblings’ future. However, some Reddit users think Anna will find a way to brainwash them and not tell them the truth.

Anna Josh Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @annaduggar Instagram
  • “Depends on what level of b******* Anna has told them,” one person said.
  • “I have precisely zero faith that the kids know anything resembling the truth much less comprehend it with how sheltered they are,” another commenter added.

Meanwhile, some Counting On fans said they’d prefer the kids not to know about the horrible thing that their father did, as they may suffer from trauma. “I think it’s probably better that they don’t understand it. That’s a lot of trauma to process as a kid,” another person said.

Why Fans Feel Bad For Anna & Josh’s Children

Many Reddit users also feel bad about the current situation of Anna and Josh Duggar’s children. According to some, the mother of seven may have already lied about what their father is doing in jail.

Anna Josh Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @annaduggar Instagram

I’m sure they are twisting the truth in a major way. To think any of those kids have free access to Google is incorrect. Do you really think any of them have internet access at all or if they do, without heavy, heavy filter mode on??

Some Redditors also speculate that the kids have no freedom in any worldly activities, which may affect how they see life in the future. Others also believe that Anna may have told them that Josh was prosecuted for being a Christian, giving him the image of being the “ultimate martyr.”

Counting On: How’s Anna Duggar & Her Kids Today?

Anna and her kids were recently spotted at her grandfather’s funeral. Many were surprised to see how big her children had become. Others also noticed that the Counting On alum is looking a lot happier in her latest appearance. Not much is known about her status with some members of the Duggar family who are against Josh. But she hasn’t been participating in family get-togethers.

Counting On Anna Duggar Kids Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Anna Duggar is reportedly still getting financial help from Jim Bob and Michelle. There were rumors that she and her kids relocated to Texas after arguing with the patriarch.

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