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‘Counting On’: Who Helps Anna Duggar’s Expenses Amid Josh’s Jail Time?

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Counting On fans have been curious about Anna Duggar since Josh Duggar’s conviction. Fans have been having a hard time getting updates about her, especially after she deleted her Instagram. Many are also curious about how Anna’s children are doing after losing the support of their father. Fans are also eager to know who’s currently helping with Anna’s finances amid her rumored feud with some of the Duggars.

Counting On: Who Helps With Anna Duggar’s Finances Amid Husband’s Conviction?

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on who’s currently financing Anna Duggar while Josh Duggar is in jail. Apparently, fans assume that Anna doesn’t have a stable income. There are also reports that she currently doesn’t have any job and has been relying on the help of her family.

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Some fans think that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been helping with Anna’s kids including her expenses. There are also reports that Jana Duggar has been babysitting some of Anna’s kids while the others sleep with Anna’s siblings.

Is Anna Homeschooling The Kids?

Counting On fans are also curious if all of Anna Duggar’s kids will be homeschooled. Some of the kids are already old enough at this point to go to school. However, fans think they will end up getting homeschooled due to Anna’s lack of income. Others also pointed out that Anna has been a strict follower of the IBLP, where homeschooling is encouraged. Due to this, fans assume that Anna will continue to follow the Duggar family’s traditional homeschooling.

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Counting On: Anna Duggar Still In Feud With Some Of The Duggars?

At this point, nobody from the Duggar family has confirmed that Anna Duggar had a feud with any of them. But there are reports that Josh Duggar’s arrest created a big rift in the family. It’s also reported that Anna wasn’t happy about some Duggars for not taking Josh’s side.

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Several Duggars have also released statements about Josh’s immoral behaviors as well, and fans think Anna hasn’t talked to them since. Meanwhile, Counting On fans are hoping that Anna will soon realize her husband’s horrible mistakes instead of defending him despite the strong evidence against him.

It’s clear to see that Josh’s arrest brought a lot of changes in the Duggar family. It also caused Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to step away from the online world to avoid further controversies. Do you think that the family can ever truly recover from what Josh has done or are they forever tainted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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