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Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Caught In Big Lie With Son James?

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Counting On alums Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have been silent on social media since the CSAM arrest of their son, Josh. Some of their kids have also stepped away from the IBLP and even begun to expose their questionable teachings. The Duggar parents still participate in family get-togethers. But it seems they couldn’t escape controversy despite keeping a low profile. Recently, some Reddit users called out the husband and wife for seemingly lying to their fans. Keep reading to see what the fans discovered.

Counting On: Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Only Shares On Their Website?

A lot of things have happened in the Duggar family this year. However, Jim Bob and Michelle never posted anything on the family’s IG page this year. They even turned off the comments section in their last posts. It seems that the controversies surrounding them affected their social media activity.

Jim Bob Michelle Duggar Instagram
Photo Credit: @duggarfam Instagram

The Counting On alums last updated the fans on their official website. It was about Jackson and Johannah’s high school graduation. They also addressed the documentary, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, and said that it was saddening and hurt members of their family. Jim Bob and Michelle seem to be becoming more active on their website. And with their upcoming grandkids, fans can expect that they will be sharing news on their site.

Jim Bob & Michelle Caught In A Big Lie?

Jim Bob and Michelle’s website has different sections, including a recipe blog. It has some of the most popular recipes from the supersized family throughout the years. However, some Reddit users discovered that James’ 2015 Sassafras Root Beer recipe is seemingly “copy-pasted” from another article in 2010.

Jim Bob Michelle Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @duggarfam Instagram

Not very Christian to full on steal someone else’s recipe verbatim, claim that it’s copyrighted in your name, and also make up some story about your kid to go with it and pretend there’s wholesome family memories tied to it.

Additionally, some users saw typos in James’ recipe which was also from the 2010 article, further proving their claims that Jim Bob and Michelle stole someone else’s recipe.

  • “Wow, it’s literally copy pasted. They even have the same typo “though cheesecloth,” one person said.
  • “They combined the words use and otherwise together and left out the punctuation needed between them. Looks like a copy-paste to me,” another commenter added.

Counting On: Fans Are Not Having Jim Bob & Michelle’s Stories

Aside from the recipe-stealing allegations, some Reddit users are skeptical about Jim Bob and Michelle’s stories. According to them, it’s hard to believe that a 14-year-old James just randomly mixed up canning a root to make into a syrup for homemade soda and eventually came up with a sassafras root beer recipe.

James Instagram
Photo Credit: @jamesaduggar Instagram
  • “Why involve James in this? It’s not like every kid has a recipe named for them with a fake story about how they on their own initiative make the dish,” one Reddit user said.
  • “Yeah, I was definitely side-eyeing them over the star anise in particular. Like they ever had that in their kitchen and one of their uneducated kids was playing around with exploring its uses. Nope, not happening,” another person added.

Jim Bob and Michelle have yet to share their comments regarding the controversial recipe. But with their online inactivity, fans can expect that they will remain silent about it.

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