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‘Counting On’: How’s 18th Child Jordyn-Grace Duggar In 2023?

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Counting On alums Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have kept a low profile since the conviction of their son, Josh. Their official social media page has been inactive, making it difficult for the fans to get updates from the supersized family. However, many of the Duggar kids remain in touch online. Some of them even share updates regarding their younger siblings, who still live at the Duggar compound. One of them is Jordyn-Grace, who’s one of the rarely-seen daughters today. Keep reading to see what she’s up to today.

Counting On: Jordyn-Grace Duggar Is Now A Grown-Up

One of the last photos fans have seen of Jordyn-Grace was from their all-sister bonding time in March. The Counting On alum was also on the family’s trip to Israel in April. Many were surprised by how big the 18th Duggar child had become. Others couldn’t help but point out how she looks a lot like her sister, Jennifer. Additionally, the 14-year-old loves to look after her nephews and nieces, which has been a traditional practice in the Duggar compound.

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Jordyn Is Still Homeschooled

Jordyn-Grace Duggar is presently studying in homeschool programs created by IBLP founder Bill Gothard, mostly known as the Advanced Training Institute. Two of her siblings, Johannah and Jackson, graduated this year from the same curriculum. It’s unclear when the Counting On alum will graduate. But it’s safe to say that she’s right behind the 16th and 15th Duggar children.

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She has yet to share what career she is going to pursue in the future. But many of her older sisters never had a job and eventually became housewives. Though Jim Bob and Michelle never abandon them and usually give their children properties after they get married. Some of the adult Duggars also make money through online promotions and house flipping.

Counting On: Jordyn-Grace Duggar Remains In Touch With Older Siblings

Despite her online absence, Jordyn-Grace is still making efforts to see her siblings, who no longer live at the compound. Recently, Joy-Anna Forsyth Duggar uploaded a vlog featuring a sleepover with her younger sisters, Josie, Jennifer, Johannah, and Jordyn-Grace.

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Not much is known about what the 14-year-old does at the Duggar house. However, the family’s official website describes her as a sweet-hearted, confident girl. Jim Bob and Michelle also said that their daughter loves calligraphy, art, and fashion. She also grew up with Jana Duggar, who’s known for her crafty skills. Due to this, fans can expect that they will do a lot of projects together at the compound.

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