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‘Counting On’: How’s Jill Duggar After Reunion With Michelle & Sisters?

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Counting On star Jill Duggar left the fans in awe after reuniting with her sisters during their special all-girls bonding time. She surprised the fans after spending time with her mother, Michelle Duggar. Apparently, reports claimed that things haven’t been great between them for years. But it seems that they’re finally heading toward healing. Now, fans are curious about what Jill has been up to following the family’s wholesome reunion.

Counting On: How’s Jill Duggar After Sweet Ruenion With Michelle Duggar & Sisters?

Counting On fans have been cheering for Jill Duggar since her reunion with her sisters and Michelle Duggar. However, Jill hasn’t posted anything since their special all-girls gathering. Her last post was about her outdoor adventures last month. Fans are also noticing how Jill has been giving privacy to her kids. There hasn’t been any update about Fern as well, but fans assume that Jill is just busy with some projects behind the cameras.

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Jill’s Online Inactivity Sparks Popular Rumor

The sudden silence of Counting On star Jill Duggar also sparked several speculations. One of which is a popular Duggar prediction from the fans. Apparently, fans believe that a Duggar usually goes silent whenever they’re about to announce a pregnancy. Nobody from the Duggar family has confirmed the possibility of Jill’s pregnancy. But some fans doubt that Jill is currently expecting due to her busy life with her growing family. Aside from Jill, there are also speculations that Justin Duggar’s wife, Claire Duggar, is also expecting her first child, and it’s one of the main reasons why she’s been silent online.

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Counting On: Will Jill Duggar Finally Visit The Duggar Compound?

Counting On fans seem to believe that Jill Duggar’s reunion with Michelle Duggar and her sisters has opened up new opportunities for her. According to some, there’s a big chance that Jill will finally pay a visit to the Duggar compound in Arkansas. Jill has yet to share her current status with Jim Bob Duggar. But fans assume that Jim Bob will wholeheartedly welcome her if she decides to come over.

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Fans are also glad that Jill and her family are setting the issues aside to spend time with each other. Many were left in awe after Michelle Duggar showed love to Jinger despite her controversial book against the IBLP.

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